My Most Played Game On The Nintendo Switch

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Everyone is going nuts over the fact that Fortnite was the most played game in 2018. I’ve never minded Fortnite as a game – I just can’t stand the hype around it. Still, I’ve tried playing it and since then, it’s been deleted off my Switch – mostly because neither of us played it and it constantly updated. Seriously. It updated all. The. Time.

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I always love when the console, games, or handhelds tell you how many hours you’ve logged into your game. I don’t know why, but I love seeing that I’ve played a game for so many hours. I think it gives me some sort of feeling of accomplishment. I like seeing how long it takes me to complete a game. I’m always going on the How Long To Beat website to see the average playtime of the games I play. I enjoy checking to see if I’m average, faster, or slower.

With all that said, I was curious to see which game I’ve played the most on the Nintendo Switch. I looked at my own profile on the console, not Kris’s. A lot of the games we play together, we play on her account. This includes one-player games that I usually watch her play or we sometimes pass the controller back and forth. Still, I’m only counting games I’ve played myself on my own profile.

Also, the Switch doesn’t add dates. So instead of figuring out which I played the most in 2018, I decided to see which game I’ve played the most of on my profile.


The game I’ve played the most of on my Nintendo Switch is…

(If I could add some sort of drum-roll effect to my post, I would insert it here.)

(Now I’m just pausing for dramatic effect.)

Pokemon Quest.

Yep. The game you don’t even “play” is my most played game on the Switch logging in “70 hours or more.)

This came as a surprise to me, but then once I realized it, it wasn’t such a shock. This was something I already knew. I’ve had people comment to me how they can’t believe I’ve logged in so many hours to the game.

I work from home, there’s an “auto” feature on the game, and the music is cool. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get through one battery life before you need to wait for the full thing to charge again in-game. I often undock my Switch and put the game on, listing to the music as background, and get some things done in that 30-minute chunk of time only taking 2-minute breaks to send my Pokemon to the next area.

The sad thing is, I still have not beaten the game. My team isn’t strong enough to keep going and, for a game where you don’t do anything, it’s hard and it calls for a lot of grinding – especially if you lose the battle. Then you don’t get any food and you can’t call new Pokemon to the island… it’s a vicious cycle and honestly, not a great game.

But I have fun with it anyway because it’s Pokemon. It’s simple and minimal.

It’ll be interesting to see what kinds of games I play in 2019… I know Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the new Pokemon game are going to end up fighting for that spot… then again, I’m not expecting those games to come out until the end of the year.

What’s your most played game on the Switch? Or which game did you play the most of in 2018? Let me know in the comments! If you like this post, please share it around!

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Will More Be Added To Pokemon Quest?

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Quest lately – I go in spurts with it and you’ve played the game, then you know you can only play for a little bit at a time. A message pops up once in a while that got me wondering about the future of the game.

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I’ve noticed this before but have never really thought about it. I was playing the game the other day and a message popped up on the loading screen saying something along the lines of, “Supposedly there are 17 or more types of Pokemon.”

Now, I got excited because I thought that was Nintendo’s way of hinting that they may be adding a new type of Pokemon to the next generation since there’s a new core game in the works for the Switch.

Then I realized that there are already “17 or more” types of Pokemon because there’s 18 total.

So I started thinking again.

Do you think Nintendo is ever going to add onto Pokemon Quest? The game only has 150 Pokemon, the Kanto region, the original Pokemon. So, there’s no dark type Pokemon or Fairy type. Dark was introduced in the Johto region and they’ve been slowly adding each generation of Pokemon to Pokemon Go, so why not do the same thing to Pokemon Quest?

Of course, Pokemon Quest is a pretty small game and there’s not much gameplay to it at all. So I don’t see how or why they would add the other 6 – or 7 – generations to it. I can’t imagine them adding DLC to a free game and adding sequels would be way too much.

It was just a random thought that occurred to me, though. I was curious as to why they said “17 or more types” rather than just saying there’s “18 types.” Then I realized not all the types are in the Kanto region, so there’s that.

Who knows what will happen though. In the meantime, I’m still going to try to beat the game.

What are your thoughts on this? Or am I overthinking things? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Quest [Game Review]

Video Game Review: Pokemon Quest | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Pokemon | Gaming | Video Games |

Title: Pokemon Quest
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Strategy, Adventure
Release Date: 
May 29, 2018
How we got the game: 
We downloaded it for free on our Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Quest was the first Pokemon game that was revealed during the recent Pokemon Press Conference from Nintendo. Considering it is a free-to-start game and Pokemon, we downloaded it after watching the conference.

I immediately fell in love with the block graphics and the vivid look of the game. Obviously, I was excited the game was free as well.


Pokemon Quest tends to run on its own. The main aspect of the game is to have your team go out and battle wild Pokemon while exploring the island. Your team of blocky Pokemon run around an area and engage in battle with wild Pokemon automatically. You can tap to have your Pokemon do certain attacks, or you can let your team Auto-Battle.

While you can play this game docked on the Switch, I personally find it easier to have in handheld mode and use the touchscreen. If you’re exploring and battling manually, there’s also a dodge button to make your Pokemon scatter in different directions. Unlike most Pokemon games, you can only have 3 Pokemon in your party at one time.

When you’re not in a level, you’re at your little base camp with the Pokemon you’ve befriended. In your camp, you can decorate the area and cook up food made from random drops — like berries and apricorns — from the levels. Doing so will attract even more Pokemon to your camp, Pokemon you can then use in levels or to train up Pokemon already in your roster.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
In training, you can use Pokemon you’ve befriended to level up other Pokemon or to help teach them a new move. The downside to this is, whoever is “helping” to train someone else, will leave. They’ll get booted out of the camp and go back into the wild. This goes for learning new moves as well. I don’t care too much for that mechanic because I’d rather keep the Pokemon with me and it’s especially hard in the beginning when you don’t have that many Pokemon, so you don’t want to let any of them go. As for learning new moves, you don’t get to choose which moves they’re learning. It’s just a surprise – if it works.

Another way to increase your Pokemon’s power (aside from your Pokemon running over another during training) is to collect Power Stones and Sturdy Stones during the levels, generally after you beat the boss of the area. Using those stones would increase your own Pokemon’s Attack or HP respectively. The combined Attack and HP of your team of Pokemon was your team’s strength. Each level would show you the combined strength of the wild Pokemon in the level, and you could compare the two to see if your team was strong enough to engage in battle in the area.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
While the stones are great, I found myself constantly getting stuck because my team was about 1,000 points behind what they should be at for the next area. It takes a lot of exploring and fainting to try to get them to level up and find more stones to make them stronger. I have a variety of Pokemon that I swap out and try different teams with, but they’re never quite strong enough. So it’s a lot of waiting.


The graphics resemble Minecraft with its blocky like characters. It’s cute and a bit comical at times, especially with Pokemon like Voltorb being a cube rather than a sphere! The Pokemon characters bounce around in the camp area and have no problem destroying parts of the background in the campaign mode.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The graphics are really well done and while I never would have imagined Pokemon looking like this, it certainly works. It’s doesn’t look out of character for the Pokemon games at all. The backgrounds and level are simply designed, but they’re pleasing to the eyes and the colors are fun and bright.

The music is decent as well, with the tunes being cheery background noise when you have the game running on a level as your Pokemon demolish their enemies. The camp music is fun too, and the sounds effects were well done, especially with the attacks.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The music is upbeat and catchy and I enjoy having the game on (even if it’s not doing anything) while I work. The sound effects can be goofy at times, especially when you’re training and one Pokemon gives the boot to the other Pokemon, but it works for a cute game like this.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
You arrive at Tumblecube Island ready to explore the unknown (not the Pokemon) and discover hidden treasure within it. Throughout you find and befriend Pokemon through your cooking and they’ll do the exploration part for you, defeating wild and enemy Pokemon in their path.

That’s pretty much it. The deeper you venture into the island, the tougher the wild Pokemon become, but your own team grows to meet them in strength. Finding loot and treasure is the end goal of the game.


Pokemon Quest is a game that keeps running and is pleasant to have on in the background while you work. It’s not bad to keep going, unlocking Pokemon and fill up your Pokedex. In a way, it seems to be a more action-orientated Pokemon Ranch, if you will.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s a good way to describe it. It’s certainly not a bad game, but I don’t like how you have to wait to pay again after a certain amount of time and I do wish you were able to do more with your Pokemon. Still, it’s a fun, refreshing game to play.

Pokemon Quest gets…
Video game review: 3 Lives3 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Aspects Of Pokemon Quest

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

A new Pokemon game has been released for the Nintendo Switch called Pokemon Quest. It’s free to start playing so I’m sure pretty much the entire world is playing it. Myself included.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Aspects of Pokemon Quest | Pokemon | Nintendo Switch | Video Games | Nintendo |

3. The Auto-Play

Normally when it comes to games having an “auto-play” option makes me wonder, what’s the point? If you’re going to watch the game play itself, why bother playing it at all? However, I definitely think the auto-play works well in this case. Kris and I started the game together so we had the Switch set up on the big TV. I have to say, I find the touch controls easier than using the analog stick. With that said, it’s a little hard to control the different Pokemon as you keep track of where they are, which enemies they’re nearby, and how their attacks are doing as they recharge. The mouse seemed to move too fast for me so it was easier to put it on auto-play. Now I play in handheld mode and use the touch screen.

2. The Power Stones

I’ll admit, I thought this was kind of weird at first. I didn’t think adding stones to my Pokemon would be an ideal way to make them stronger. It’s a cool concept though and a fun mechanic. I get excited when I find a new stone during the exploration. Upping their attack or HP is such a great help when their experience is still pretty low and they won’t be leveling up anytime soon.

1. The Graphics

I’m not going to stop talking about the graphics of this game. I love how blocky and adorable they are! The colors are so vivid and the way the Pokemon move and play throughout is just so cute. It’s calming and pleasing to play and watch.

Have you been playing the game? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference

A few days ago, Nintendo released a press conference dedicated to future Pokemon games. Rachel and I were definitely impressed with the news we heard! They dropped news about four new Pokemon games, with plenty of info to whet our appetites. The first game they detailed was Pokemon Quest, which is a free-to-start game on the Nintendo Switch that was available the same day as the conference. We picked it up to give it a look-see and found it to be pretty cute!

I was interested in Pokemon Quest the moment I saw the graphics. I know they’re “Cell Pokemon” but they look like Minecraft blocks and it pleases me so much. They’re all so adorable. We started playing the game the other day and we weren’t disappointed. Its laid-back gameplay and adorable artwork made the game a lot of fun.

The next two games were Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee, throwbacks to the Kanto region and original Yellow version of the games from twenty years ago. I can’t tell you how absolutely amazed I am at the progress of the graphics! Pokemon Yellow was my first Pokemon game and to see Kanto on the Nintendo Switch, picking out and recognizing areas that I’ve known since they were just little itty-bitty pixels, is nostalgia heaven.

I first started my Pokemon journey in the Johto region since I was pretty young when the Kanto region came out. However, I have played the Kanto games as I got older and seeing it updated, bright, and on the big screen is going to be a treat. I absolutely can’t wait for November! Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee are connected to Pokemon Go. We didn’t get into Pokemon Go that much so I’m glad it’s not required to use for the games. I’m impressed they added the catching mechanic from Pokemon Go into the new games though. I think it’s a great way to use the Joy-Con motion controls.

I think I’m most excited about the local two-player co-op mode. Rachel and I can actually travel around together! Of course, I suspect that the supporting second player will “borrow” the first player’s Pokemon to help out with battles and the like, but it would be amazing if the Switch could “import” another account’s save file into the game as the second player. Still, it’ll be fun seeing two characters running around together!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, I was hoping we’d be able to combine the games. We’ll just have to see how it goes though. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun anyway. To be honest, I’m most excited for the Pokeball Plus. My favorite part of HeartGold and SoulSilver was the Pokewalker. I can’t wait to bring my Pokemon around with me again and interact with them. Supposedly, other things may happen, but they’ll announce that later. Maybe at E3 in a few weeks?

Hearing Pikachu purr through that Pokeball Plus was adorable! Also, seeing your character ride an Onix? Flying on a Charizard? I heard HMs still are not a thing, so to see us actually being able to ride presumably whatever Pokemon we want, along with having any Pokemon follow us, is definitely exciting! Here’s hoping we’ll hear more about them at E3, along with the next core Pokemon game that’s slated for late 2019. With all the updated graphics and mechanics that the Let’s Go! titles are showing, I wonder how the next core game will measure up.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’ll admit, I was worried there would be no core game since last year they announced they were working on a new Pokemon title for the Switch. I’m very excited for the Let’s Go games and now that I know there’s a new core game, I’m even more excited. Imagine exploring a brand new region with new species of Pokemon on the big screen with such graphics! We can’t wait!

What did you think of the Pokemon Press Conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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