Double Jump Brews Komala Coffee & Roserade Tea

Welcome to another exciting installment of Double Jump Bakes! Except this time we’re brewing, not baking. Previously we’ve decorated Pokemon sugar cookies and baked galaxy cupcakes in honor of Star Fox. We’re going back to our Pokemon roots this time with some Komala Coffee and Roserade Tea. Both of these drinks are featured in the […]

Confession: I Don't Like Z-Moves

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2018 treat you even better than 2017 did! We’re going to dive right into my perhaps controversial thoughts regarding a major feature of the latest generation of Pokemon games. The Pokemon franchise has always been a favorite of mine ever since I got my first GameBoy Color and the trio […]

Character Spotlight: Gladion [Pokemon]

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe November has come and gone already… This month (the whole year) has flown by. With the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite characters from the Alola region. Gladion was first introduced in November 2016 when Pokemon Sun and Moon […]

Are You Excited For Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon?

Happy Thursday! It’s no secret that Pokemon is one of my favorite¬†game franchises of all time. So, with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon around the corner, I’m getting pretty excited.   When Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced, I wasn’t impressed. I mean, I was excited about another Pokemon game, but I didn’t get […]

Thoughts on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

When Nintendo announced Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we were… disappointed, for lack of a better word. Shortly before this year’s E3 press conference, the Pokemon Direct announced a deluxe version of Pokken Tournament for the Switch, virtual console versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver, confirmed there will be a Pokemon game for the […]

New Pokemon Forms

The majority of Pokemon change forms as they grow, evolving into usually stronger creatures. It’s one of the main components to the games, enabling players to create all sorts of strategies for their adventure to play out. While evolution usually happens when a Pokemon levels up, there are different criteria for some species, such as […]

Friday Favorites: Unexpected Endings

This post will contain spoilers on the endings of some games, but said games have already been out for a while now. The oldest game on this list was published in 1998, for example. This particular Friday I’m sharing a few games that have surprised me, either by giving me deep thoughts or freaking me […]

Who's That Pokemon?

Happy Tuesday! I have some exciting news. Well, I think it’s exciting… even though most people already knew about it and if you didn’t, you probably know about it now.   A new mythical Pokemon has been revealed for the Alolan region. Apparently this Pokemon was leaked through the demo of the Pokemon Sun and […]

Friday Favorites: Alolan Forms

¬†Yay for another Friday! How is everyone doing? Besides the native Alola Pokemon in Sun and Moon, there are also a handful of Alolan forms of generation one Pokemon, and it’s been interesting to see the difference in designs and types. Based on my own personal tastes, below are my favorite Alolan forms. 4. Raichu […]

Why I Rarely Trade Pokemon

Happy Thursday and February! I found out through Miketendo64 that there’s another Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon. It’s a trading mission and for some reason that got me thinking about something that I thought I would share here.   Apparently this mission is for us to trade Pokemon through the Global Trading System […]