Of the Original 3DS

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday — everyone ready for another week?

We had a pretty good weekend, spending most of Saturday just relaxing and playing video games during the rainy day. While we’ve been playing most games on our Switch nowadays, there’s still plenty of games that we’re playing on our 3DS systems.

In a recent My Nintendo News post, there was talk about Nintendo no longer offering factory repairs for the original Nintendo 3DS systems. The Nintendo 3DS originally was released about six years ago, while the 3DS XL came out in 2012.

Rachel and I both have the original 3DS systems, and we’ve never ventured out to get any of the updated versions of the system, not even the 2DS. We’ve never felt the need to, considering our original 3DS systems have always worked well. The only modification, if you will, that we needed to get for the systems was to get bigger SD cards, which I was able to install myself without a problem.

Still, with this update from My Nintendo News, I started wondering if Rachel and I should invest in updated portable systems from Nintendo. I’ve also heard that Nintendo will be coming out with a newer version of the 2DS at some point in the future. Considering neither of us uses the 3DS feature on our systems, the 2DS may be a good investment. Anyone want to share their thoughts?

Do you have an original 3DS system? Is it still working well for you, or do you have a more updated system?

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