Monday Memories: AOL Instant Messenger

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re going back to the past in regards to today’s post. AOL’s instant messenger was alive from May 1997 to December 2017, and I remember using it so often to chat with friends after school during our early high school years. Video games have always been a major source of inspiration for […]

D&D Adventures: The End of Our First Campaign

Considering the holidays in December, we picked our campaign back up in January. Our January session of our campaign had us leaving Cragmaw Castle. We did not explore the whole castle since we, you know, somehow found what we needed within our last session quick enough. Since we didn’t fully explore the place, our DM […]

D&D Adventures: The Grinding Session

Last time we met with our D&D group, we had finished clearing out an old mansion that was full of bandits and lost the guy we had been pursuing. This time around, with a little help from a couple of NPCs giving us directions, we went to find a druid who would have even more […]

D&D Adventures: Continuing The Tale

Well, better late than never! Our last D&D Adventure was back in May. We met with our group again in June and basically forgot to continue the tale. A lot of things happened when we met again and surprisingly enough, our characters are still standing tall their own two feet. Yes, everyone is still alive, […]