Monday Memories: AOL Instant Messenger

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re going back to the past in regards to today’s post. AOL’s instant messenger was alive from May 1997 to December 2017, and I remember using it so often to chat with friends after school during our early high school years. Video games have always been a major source of inspiration for […]

D&D Adventures: The End of Our First Campaign

Considering the holidays in December, we picked our campaign back up in January. Our January session of our campaign had us leaving Cragmaw Castle. We did not explore the whole castle since we, you know, somehow found what we needed within our last session quick enough. Since we didn’t fully explore the place, our DM […]

Harry Potter D&D

Happy Monday, everyone! Playing Dungeons & Dragons has opened up a new world for me. I’m always excited to play with our group and am routinely disappointed when the time comes for a session to end. Thankfully, Rachel and I have a couple of friends who indulged us in giving D&D a try with a […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite RPG Games

Happy Tuesday! There are certain games I enjoy and they all usually have something in common. One genre I really enjoy is the RPG genre. Octopath Traveler I mean, how many times can I talk about this game? I love it though. Even though the story can be a bit bland or repetitive at times, […]

D&D Adventures: A New Tale

With a couple of Dungeons & Dragons sessions under our belts, our little newbie group decided to try out a longer campaign with original characters rather than the pre-made characters from the starter kit. We did well enough creating our own characters, although their backstories aren’t much yet. I decided to go with a ranger […]

Special Attacks Versus Physical Attacks [Debate]

When it comes to RPGs, my preferred method of fighting is more on the physical side. My favorite classes tend to be thieves, archers, warriors, characters with fantastic and strong weapons. Magic attacks are fun and all as well, but I always found it more satisfying to vanquish opponents up close with blades. Those characters […]

D&D Adventures: Castle Infiltration

We’re back with another D&D tale! We got together with our group again for another one-shot, using our pre-made characters from the first session to get a better feel for how the game works. We spent a little time at first discussing some of the nuances of creating our own characters, since we’re planning on […]

Friday Favorites: Octopath Active Skills

Happy Friday everyone! Considering Rachel and I are still playing Octopath Traveler, and that there is talks of a prequel and sequel in the future for the game, I took a look at the active skills that get the most love from us when we play. Here is a list of the favorite skills we […]

For the Love of Supports

Happy Monday everyone! A couple of my favorite genres of video games are RPGs and strategy games, particularly ones with multiple classes for your characters. Trying to figure out the best combination and the best attacks for said characters is a fun addition to the gameplay, even if not all of the attacks deal physical […]

Which Class Would You Be In A RPG?

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now then you know we’re no strangers to RPG games. We enjoy playing RPGs a lot. I could go on about all the different things we like about RPGs – hey, maybe that’ll be another blog post in the future – but we were talking the […]