Double Jump Hits Pause


We interrupt your regular programming at Double Jump with some breaking news. As some of you may have noticed, our blogging schedule has decreased… a lot. Our streaming schedule on Twitch has also diminished as well. We wanted to write this post to explain some things. First and foremost, we’re good. Everyone in our neck of the woods is healthy and safe, even if our routines are jumbled a bit. We’ve had a lot of ideas and plans for Double Jump going forward and, in light of 2020 as a whole, things have taken a detour. With that, after a long, philosophical talk with a ton of back-and-forth thinking on the subject, we’ve come to the decision to slow down with Double Jump.

Let’s be fair, our “regular programming” hasn’t been regular as of late. Double Jump is dear to our hearts, but at this time in our lives it — particularly the blog — has fallen to the wayside. While we’re slowing down with Double Jump, we’re not coming to a full stop. In fact, we want to spend more of our creative energy rebuilding Double Jump. For that to happen, the blog itself will need to take a few steps back.

As I said, we have a lot of ideas and plans for Double Jump going forward. I think we were trying to do too many things at once. After four years of keeping up with the blog, we’d like to try something new. So, with that said, instead of posting daily content on the blog, we’re shifting to one blog post a week on Wednesdays. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll build the posting schedule back up. But for now, once a week is the bare minimum we can do.

Writing is such an integral part of our lives that it feels a little odd to decide to scale back the blog, but it makes the most sense when it comes to what we want to do. Likewise, we are also going to continue our streaming on Twitch, but we’re pushing that to once a week as well. You can look forward to our joint Friday streams again! Perhaps we’ll have surprise streams here or there, but Friday is our planned streaming day.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
And again, we’re hoping to add more to the schedule in the future but at this time, this seems to be the best decision for us and for Double Jump. Plus, this will allow us to focus on supporting our friends more through their own blogs and streams.

One day, Double Jump may become our full-time gig, but unfortunately it is not this day. Slowing down certain aspects of Double Jump will give us more time to expand on our creativity for ourselves and for Double Jump. We thank you all for your continued patience and for always being in our corner!

Thanks again for all of your support!

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