Handicaps in Video Games

Has anyone played Moving Out? Released last year for the major consoles, Moving Out is a cooperative moving simulation game Rachel and I have played a bit of it with our cousins. It was lots of fun and totally ridiculous. Moving Out has you working together to move furniture from a house to a moving […]

Unorthodox Controllers

Happy Monday everyone! I love the idea of custom set-ups for computers and video game consoles. Some people are creative enough to have really unique set-ups for the way they play video games… One of the most exciting announcements for fans of the Super Smash Bros. franchise was that Nintendo would be making a GameCube […]

Top 3 Video Game Locations

One of the best parts of playing video games are all the fantastical worlds you can visit (assuming, of course, they are settings that you’d want to visit). If Rachel and I had the time and money to go jetting off to a video game world, there are a few places we’d like to visit. […]