Friday Favorites: BotW Side Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiThe Legend of Zelda series has always had memorable characters, and Breath of the Wild was no exception. I feel as if every character, no matter how minor their roles, in Breath of the Wild had their own lives outside of just being there to assist Link. Each character had their own name and routine, some of which may have deviated if they were part of a side or shrine quest. This week, I’m celebrating some of the more memorable ones, in my opinion.



This giant Korok is so damn entertaining with his dances and maracas! Whenever he helpfully expands your weapon, bow, or shield stashes, you can’t skip his song and dance! That, and he has an amusing quote if you start talking to him when Link is wearing nothing but his underwear.


Speaking of amusing quotes, Bolson is full of them. Having a character furnish a house for Link was an interesting idea, allowing you a place to call “home,” and Bolson was always up for the job. He was even greatly supportive of one of his former employees getting married!


Hudson was Bolson’s former employee, and his long side quest was completely satisfying to finish. Going around the world to find others that shared his vision (and complied with the name rules) to help build a town from the ground up with a plethora of different races was awesome to see! The wedding at the end of the side quest was beautiful.


The Rito race is one of my favorites in the Legend of Zelda games, even if they haven’t been featured in many — actually, besides Breath of the Wild, I believe they’re only in the Wind Waker, so it was great seeing them again! Kass was a traveling musician and it was always fun to hear his music drifting through the air whenever he happened to be nearby. He helped with quite a few shrine quests and proving to be knowledgeable about the world, crediting his late teacher for many of the tidbits. I have a headcanon that his late teacher was someone like Kaepora Gaebora, the wise (and talkative) old owl from Ocarina of Time!

Who are some of your favorite side characters in Breath of the Wild?

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What Kind of NPC Are You?


So the best part of playing a video game is being the hero and saving the world, right? Have you ever given much thought to all of those non-playable characters that help you out, like the innkeeper or the shop owner? It’s a little strange to realize that these pixel people exist solely for your characters benefit — even enemies, since you wouldn’t get stronger if you didn’t practice your battle skills. But if you weren’t playing the protagonist of the game, if you were an NPC instead, what role would you have?

This is a tough one, I have to say. I mean, there are so many different varied NPC characters throughout so many video game franchises. So, you know what, Kris? Since you thought of this question all on your own, I’m going to let you go first in answering. Have at it.

Haha! I think I would be one of those NPCs that either helps the character with their equipment or animals. You know, perhaps like a smithy or a ranch hand. While I wouldn’t want to be a generic shop owner, I would like to help by forging stronger weapons or work at a stables where the hero can pick out a noble steed.

Oh, stables would be good. I wouldn’t mind taking care of the animals. I think–and this is going to sound boring since I already am this–but I think I would like to be a teacher. I wouldn’t mind aiding the protagonist in their studies whether it’s weaponry, potions, or helping them figure out what to do next in their journey.

There are plenty of teacher-like roles in video games. You’d do well in those positions! If we were going by our day jobs, though, I’d probably be some sort of banker to help out with the hero’s money. I also like the idea of apothecary, or potion making. Imagine being like a witch or sorcerer, combining ingredients that the hero would probably find dubious, but it would help him or her out.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I can imagine it and I don’t think I would do well as a witch or sorcerer. I feel like I’d be too clumsy and mess everything up. But then that would be my purpose, wouldn’t it? I’d be the comic relief!

You’d be perfect as a comic relief, haha! I know that I would not want to be one of those NPCs stuck in a rescue mission. If I can’t be part of the hero’s party, I’d like to be able to help out in another way.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree with you on that. Though I can definitely see myself getting into trouble.

What kind of NPC would you be? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: Twilight Princess Side Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday!

As a few of you may have realized that I’m playing through the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U. It’s been a lot of fun so far, especially with all the quirky characters! That’s why this week my Friday Favorites is dedicated to my favorite side characters from Twilight Princess.

5. Queen Rutela

Besides the fact that I’m not partial to water levels and temples (seriously, the Zora architects who created the Lakebed Temple were assholes), I did like the Zora characters in Twilight Princess, especially Queen Rutela. Her design is amazing, and I like the fact that even in death she still cares deeply for her people and son.

4. Coro

Coro is the very chill guy that one meets near the beginning of the game close by the Faron Woods. He gifts Link with a free lantern to help promote his oil-selling business. I was always amused at this guy just relaxing in the middle of the woods, at the birds building nests in his hair, and at the fact that he thinks his older sister is scarier than Wolf-Link.

3. Renado

This dude is awesome. He’s a shaman who uses his knowledge to help out whoever needs it, he’s totally chill, and he had no problem stepping in to protect a bunch of children from another village when he was needed.

2. Telma

This amazing barmaid was always one of my favorites in the game. Aside from dishing out sass instead of taking any, Telma is progressive in her goals and has a kind nature, being part of the Resistance for Hyrule and helping out Ilia and the Zora Prince alike.

1. Malo

This kid (who apparently is only about five years old) has more business ambition that I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously, Malo is awesome with his dry humor, his shops, and the Malo Mart music is one of my favorite tunes from the game.

What are your favorite Twilight Princess side characters? Any that you particularly couldn’t stand?