Ocarina of Time Title Screen — Smooth McGroove


This month’s featured music video is from a talented man who goes by the name Smooth McGroove. We actually never miss an upload from this guy, but I don’t think we’ve ever showcased him on our blog before, which is being rectified today.

Smoothie has been created acappella music videos of video game tunes since the end of 2012. While he did go on a hiatus for a little while, he has been making more music lately. He did remake one of his very first videos recently, which is the title theme to Ocarina of Time.

Rachel and I really enjoy his works (as well as his cat’s cameo in nearly every video!), and we hope you do as well!

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Friday Favorites: Zelda Song Covers

Double Jump Kris MiiHi everyone! Kris here!

Today we’re celebrating the wonderful music that accompanies one of the most beloved video game franchise, the Legend of Zelda!


Music is one of my favorite aspects of video games. The right music (or lack of it) can make or break a level or cut scene. My music players, both portable and on my computer, are filled with various versions of songs and melodies from my favorite video games. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite covers of songs from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Dragon Roost/Gerudo Valley/Palace Medley by String Player Gamer:

Deku Palace Acapella by Smooth McGroove:

Song of Time and Song of Storms by Taylor Davis: