Friday Favorites: Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

 Hello, hello! Thank God it’s Friday! Rachel and I are going away next week with the family, which is great, but we’ll also be stuck in the car for the better part of the day. Normally I don’t mind being in the car for that long since I have my music, many of which are from […]

Friday Favorites: Pokemon Theme Songs

Happy Friday, everyone! With the 1000th episode of the Pokemon anime here in the US, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has recently been creating videos that show off all the theme songs of the anime throughout the years. Rachel and I watched them, the nostalgia coming in full force. Born to Be a Winner (Pokemon: […]

Friday Favorites: Tracks with Lyrics

 Hello, hello! Kris here on a lovely Friday! This Friday Favorites post is dedicated to some of my favorite tracks from video games with lyrics. Soundtracks from video games are some of my favorite tunes to listen to in general, but there are always a few lyrical tracks that get stuck in your head (for better or […]

Friday Favorites: Zelda Song Covers

Hi everyone! Kris here! Today we’re celebrating the wonderful music that accompanies one of the most beloved video game franchise, the Legend of Zelda!   Music is one of my favorite aspects of video games. The right music (or lack of it) can make or break a level or cut scene. My music players, both portable and […]