Stardew Valley’s Longevity

When it comes to simulation games, how far do you get in the game before inevitably starting over? Business simulators tend to have some sort of goal or endpoint, even if the game is able to be played past that endpoint. Game Dev Tycoon, for example, tallies your score traditionally at the end of 35 […]

Stardew Valley in Real Life! [Board Game Review]

  Title: Stardew Valley: The Board Game Publisher: ConcernedApe Designer: ConcernedApe and Cole Medeiros  Release Date: February 23, 2021 How we got the game: We bought it through the Stardew Valley website.   With how popular and phenomenal Stardew Valley is, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that a board game version of it was in the making. What […]

Stardew Valley [Game Review]

Title: Stardew Valley Developer: ConcernedApe Publisher: Chucklefish, ConcernedApe Platform: Steam, Mobile, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch Category: Simulation, Role-playing Release Date: Originally February 26, 2016 How we got the game: Bought it on Steam and Nintendo Switch Pssst…. There may be story or gameplay spoilers in this review! You’ve been warned! Stardew Valley is […]

Friday Favorites: Stardew Valley NPCs

Happy Friday everyone! Despite having it on Steam, I’ve bought Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, just to give the game another try on a portable console. I’ve been loving it lately, so much so that I’m using it as an incentive to get this post done in a somewhat timely manner. Being in the […]

Friday Favorites: My Video Game Hall of Fame

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of new games have recently been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame — Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, Colossal Cave Adventure, and Microsoft Windows Solitaire. While there are criteria as to which games are inducted, I thought it would be fun to make a small list of my […]

Friday Favorites: 2018 Games to Finish

Happy Friday everyone! Did everyone have a good new year’s? It’s hard to believe that we’re in 2019 now! This is a time that most people try to finish up tasks that they’ve accidentally left behind so they can start the new year with a clean slate. Going through our 2018 Game Reviews page, I’ve […]

Multi-Platform Games

Happy Monday, everyone! Being a gamer is an expensive hobby. It doesn’t help that, sometimes, awesome games are available in multiple platforms, either as updated versions or just ported to a system that may be better suited for it. Do you have any games on multiple platforms? We have Stardew Valley, Death Road to Canada, […]

Preferred Gender Tropes

Happy Monday, everyone! Have you ever noticed if the gender of the protagonist effects the game? Perhaps one gender has better stats or different powers or something as simple as clothing options? Many games, particularly RPGs, allow the player to choose between playing a male or a female protagonist. While most games tend not to […]

Friday Favorites: Simulation Games

Happy Friday! One of the last few game reviews Rachel and I did was for Game Dev Tycoon, and it reminded me of how much fun I have with games in the simulation genre. This Friday celebrates some of my favorite simulation games and franchises. Harvest Moon The Harvest Moon franchise was probably my first […]

Game Within a Game

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready for the summer? Here on the east coast in North America, we’ve been getting… interesting weather. Nothing too fancy, just the temperatures going up and down like a roller coaster lately instead of the warmer weather that so many people like about the summer. Summer also generally means vacations and […]