Rainway App

According to Nintendo News, there’s talk about this new app called Rainway for the Switch console. With this app, players will be able to stream their PC games directly onto the Switch console. There’s not much information regarding the app, but I thought it was an interesting find nonetheless. We’ve been getting into PC gaming […]

Steam Haul

We’ve been getting so much snow this past week! I hope everyone else who may be getting hammered with snow are staying safe and warm. On the bright side, snow days are one of the best excuses to play video games! My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I was graciously given a […]

Games I Want To Play

You know that thing called “time?” You know that thing called “money?” Yeah, they get in the way of my video game playing sometimes. It’s annoying. Stardew Valley This game is very similar to Harvest Moon in which you inherit a farm, grow crops, raise animals, and mingle with the townsfolk eventually marrying and having children. […]