Monster Manor

Rachel Mii Double JumpAnother week is just about over!

I was excited when I found out about the Mii Plaza update. I haven’t played the Mii games in a while. But, because of the update, I started playing them and got slightly addicted to Monster Manor.


The point of this game is collect room pieces from the various Miis that you meet through Streetpass. You fit the pieces together to create hallways and, if you fit pieces of the same color together, you’ll create rooms.

The halls may be empty, but may have a ghost which you need to fight. The rooms can also have ghosts or chests. The chests are where you get various items such as weapons, boosters, or healing items.

The more pieces you put down, you’ll eventually find stairs. Then you can make your way up to the next floor.

I haven’t played the game in a while so when I picked it back up again I was only on floor 10 out of… 30, I think?

What I didn’t know is that there are bosses. I assume the bosses appear every ten floors.

So, I encountered my first boss. It took me seven tries to beat him. The first boss!

I kept hiring investigators with my play coins to keep trying. Once you lose all of your HP, even if you have other Streetpass Miis behind you, you lose. You have to stop the game. It’s kind of a waste.

I had a good amount of Miis to back me up, but I died and had to keep using my play coins to try to get the boss. Seven times. I couldn’t believe it. I was so frustrated.

But I got it! I beat it! Now I just have to do that again for another 20 floors…

Do you play the Streetpass games? Which one is your favorite? 


Mii Plaza Update

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday! Another week has come and gone.

This past weekend was Labor Day and Nintendo celebrated with an update for the Mii Plaza and declaring this past weekend a Streetpass Weekend!


Streetpass Weekend Mii Plaza Update Double Jump
Via Nintendo Everything
On the 3DS handheld, Nintendo updated the Mii Plaza with some interesting goodies for us. added five new Mii games to the Plaza. One of two of those games, Slot Car

First, they added five new Mii games to the Plaza. One of two of those games, Slot Car Rivals and Market Crashers, you can get for free. You have to buy the other three games, but you can choose the car game or the market game to get for free. Then you have to buy the other one.

Of course, the Mii games aren’t expensive, but I didn’t buy any of them right away. I downloaded Slot Car Rivals because it was free and it sounded more interesting than Market Crashers.

Second, they expanded the Plaza. Instead of getting a maximum of 10 Miis at a time, you can connect with up to 100 other Miis. This makes the experience a lot more fun since you can find more people at one time. Plus, it’ll make the games a lot easier and go by quicker. Like the puzzles, for example.

The puzzles had a “bonus” on them. So when you clicked on one piece, it would pick other pieces at random from that same puzzle to give to you in addition to the piece you picked. When I brought my 3DS to a Nintendo hotspot yesterday, I connected with 10 other Miis and ended up with 60 new puzzle pieces. The puzzles are my favorite, so I was very happy.

To celebrate this update, this past weekend was a Streetpass Weekend. I know I’m saying this late since the weekend is over, but I didn’t find out about this until Friday night.

But I’m sure most of you knew about it if you have your 3DS handy most of the time.

I hope you were all able to get many connections!

What’s on My Nintendo 3DS?

Rachel Mii Double JumpGood morning!

Yesterday Kris and I discussed what was better: a console or handheld?

For the sake of the post I chose handheld. I thought today we could take a closer look at what exactly my Nintendo 3DS has to offer.

I try to take my 3DS with me where ever I go. I love the Streetpass and absolutely love collecting the puzzle pieces. The other games on there are fantastic as well, but collecting the puzzle pieces is my favorite by far.

Currently I have 18 downloads on my handheld. 11 of them, I’ll admit, are Pokemon related. I have a couple of Mario titles as well as Ace Attorney titles, Zelda, and Tomodachi Life.

I love the fact that I can put my 3DS in my pocket and take 18 (19 if I have a game cartridge in the slot) games along with me where ever I go.

The only problem with having that many options is that I never know what game to play.

What downloads do you have on your Nintendo 3DS? Do you use Streetpass at all?