Mario Is Dead

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Halloween is just around the corner and Nintendo added an interesting new costume for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey.

While Luigi is roaming around his mansion in search for his big bro, King Boo has already gotten to poor Mario. Mario is now a zombie and is wandering around the Mushroom Kingdom with… an ax in his head.

At least he looks happy about it.

I definitely think this is a cool idea. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any of the Mario characters look dead.

Well, other than that time Nintendo killed Luigi in the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate direct. But he’s fine, he’s cozy in a mansion with like-minded people – er, boos.

Maybe the mansion is just some sort of a dream for Luigi and that’s why the mansion just seemed to appear for him and he’s able to see all the ghosts. I have no excuse for E. Gadd. He’s just crazy. Though he’s old, so maybe he’s dead too. Now Mario is there in zombie-form. But he’s certainly the happiest zombie I’ve ever seen.

Now I’m thinking too much trying to connect all this together when, in reality, Nintendo is just trying to celebrate Halloween.

I’m still going to sit here and try to connect Luigi’s Mansion and this Mario zombie together though.

Will you dress Mario up as a zombie this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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Super Mario Odyssey Was A Movie First

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Okay, so Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t actually a movie before the game came out. However, Kris and I were watching a movie the other night and I couldn’t stop thinking about Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey Was A Movie | Video Games |

Has anyone seen Disney’s Meet The Robinson’s? It’s an animated film about a smart boy, Lewis, who loves math and science and inventing things. He winds up in the future to help out a family whose time machine was stolen by a man with a bowler hat.

There’s more to it, obviously, but I’m going to assume you saw it because… it’s Disney.

The hat possesses living things. In the movie, the first thing the hat possesses is a frog. Then the bad guy goes back in time and possesses a T-Rex. Later, the movie takes a dark twist and begins to possess people.

Ring a bell?

I hadn’t seen the movie in a long time, but the farther along it got the more I remembered what happened and who the characters were.

I remembered the part of the T-Rex first and joked with Kris about how the movie is Odyssey. Then, before that part, the hat possesses a frog and it made me realize the movie really is like Odyssey.

That’s about it. I don’t really have anything else “intelligent” to say about it since neither one are actually connected in any way, shape, or form.

I guess this just goes to show that my mind is constantly thinking about video games.

Have you watched Meet The Robinson’s? Am I making any sense? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Kingdoms In Super Mario Odyssey

Happy Tuesday!

Hype from Super Mario Odyssey has gone down a little bit. I haven’t had a chance to go back to the game and find the rest of the moons, but I did want to talk about some of my favorite levels from the game.

5. Cap Kingdom

This kingdom isn’t very large and, especially in the beginning of the game, you don’t do too much here. Still, I think it’s a cool place. It’s unique as far as Mario games go and I enjoy the atmosphere.

4. Bowser’s Kingdom

Bowser levels are usually one of my favorites in Mario games. While I enjoyed this one, it didn’t make it too high on the list. It was certainly different and not at all what I expected. I missed the lava pits, but it was a cool level anyway. The music was excellent.

3. Snow Kingdom

This was a pretty level. I especially loved the many doors you could go through to get to smaller levels within the main level. Also, crushing the snow was the most satisfying thing ever.

2. Sand Kingdom

I’m not one for the desert levels, though this didn’t feel like a typical Mario desert. The Sand Kingdom is the second main kingdom and it’s so big that it’s almost overwhelming. But I felt like I was playing Breath of the Wild again because it was so open and there were so many things to do. Of course, the other kingdoms were big as well, but the Sand Kingdom felt the biggest and had the most stuff to do.

1. Mushroom Kingdom

Call me cliche, but I really enjoyed the throwback to Super Mario 64. The way they did the castle and the outside were awesome as well as the music and the various paintings that you could find and hop into.

What are your favorite kingdoms in Odyssey? Have you completed the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Super Mario Odyssey [Game Review]

Super Mario Odyssey Game Review

Title: Super Mario Odyssey
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Action, Platformer
Release Date: 
October 27, 2017
How we got the game: 
We preordered a physical copy

Super Mario Odyssey has been hailed as one of the best 3D Mario games to date, with all of its homage to Super Mario 64 and the rest of the 3D family. It’s certainly one of the more fun games that we’ve played all year!

When this game was first announced, I’ll admit that I wasn’t too excited for it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be with the hat. But it’s a Mario game and I had a lot of faith in it. It didn’t let me down.


Super Mario Odyssey utilizes many of the Switch’s Joy-Con motion control aspects. With the Joy-Con, you move Mario and the camera with the control sticks and Cappy, Mario’s new companion, with flicks and twists of the Joy-Con. While you can also play the game with the pro controller and the Joy-Con grip, we found it easier to use the detached Joy-Con and their motion controls.

It took me a while to get used to the motion controls as I preferred the pro controller. I did end up using each Joy-Con separately for the motion controls and got used to it though. While you can get through the game without the motion controls, there’s a lot more you can do with them.

Aside from the motion controls being used to throw Cappy in various ways, Mario moves very similarly to his Super Mario 64 counterpart. Many jumps were included, such as the long jump, the triple jump, and the wall jump, as well as a somersaulting move that was wicked fun to execute! Using all of these moves enabled you to help Mario collect the levels’ various Power Moons and, holy crap, were there a lot of Power Moons to collect!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Mario was super easy to control! I mean, I still fell off cliffs a lot, but he was pretty smooth either way. Yes, there were a lot of Power Moons. In a way, we felt as though there were too many. There’s a great amount that are deeply hidden within the levels, but there are so many that are just sitting out in the open for you to collect and it makes you go through the story mode so much faster. I feel like they wanted us to explore rather than complete the story. It’s almost as though they wanted us to rush.

Yes, I wasn’t too pleased with the amount of Power Moons — it seemed as if the amount was excessive. I would have been more invested in the game if there were less Power Moons but a greater challenge in finding them. With over 800 Power Moons available in the game, I feel as if we were stopping every five minutes for the, “You Found a Power Moon!” jingle, and I felt that it got old fast. I wanted to go through the story and have more meaning to the Power Moons that we found.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
While I agree, I do understand why there were so many. I am looking forward to getting back to the game to collect them all. I just wish the main story didn’t go so fast. Once we had enough Power Moons to keep going, we just got so eager to move on. Before we knew it, the credits were rolling.


The graphics are absolutely gorgeous — you can see all the details of Mario’s mustache! Granted, we expected nothing less after seeing the Switch’s capabilities with games like Breath of the Wild, but it was definitely a treat to see how much effort was put into the graphics and presentation of the game.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Each level is ginormous! I feel like they definitely took a page out of the Breath of the Wild’s book. While this game, just like any other Mario game, is about saving Peach in the end, they really just want you to explore each and every aspect of the level. It seems to be never ending.

There were definitely plenty of places to explore, and the graphics just emphasized your want to search every nook and cranny. The music was right on par with each level as well, and the sound effects for whenever Mario defeats an enemy or shimmies up a tree or is capturing a T-Rex were wonderfully done. The title song, “Jump Up, Super Star,” performed by Mayor Pauline in New Donk City was probably my favorite part!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’ve been listening to the Odyssey soundtrack on a loop while I work because I can’t get the songs out of my head. And Jump Up, Super Star is definitely a new favorite! I can’t get that song out of my head! story

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The main story is more or less the same as any other typical main Mario game. Bowser has taken Peach and it’s up to Mario to save her. However, Bowser threw in a twist by deciding to skip everything and just go straight to the wedding.

Bowser looked super dapper in his white tuxedo, and all the effort he was putting into the wedding almost made us root for him. But, I digress. After a confrontation aboard Bowser’s flying ship, Mario gets knocked out and falls down to the surface of the Cap Kingdom where he meets Cappy, a ghost-like hat that is able to transform and help Mario take over other creatures’ minds and bodies.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
And that’s about it. Mario goes from level to level finding Power Moons to get his Odyssey ship up and running again so that he can make it to Peach’s wedding just to shout, “Objection!”


Considering how many Power Moons are in the game and how much content is left to explore after the main storyline, Odyssey does have high replay value. It can be a little addictive to search for every Power Moon on every level and unlock all of the game’s secrets that you definitely wouldn’t mind picking up the game again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Power Moons are everywhere, but a great deal of them are hidden. Plus, I know there are a couple more levels to unlock plus all the costumes to collect. I’ll definitely be playing again.

Super Mario Odyssey gets…
4 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Levels In Super Mario 64

Happy Tuesday!

With so much hype for Super Mario Odyssey, I’ve been thinking about Super Mario 64. The two games are similar, yet vastly different. I enjoy both games, but I do miss playing Super Mario 64.


Top Tuesday, Super Mario 64 Levels

5. Bob-omb Battlefield

I think this level is one of my favorites by default. It’s the first level of the game and can be considered the easiest, but I think it has a mixture of easy and hard. Flying with the wing cap can be difficult, yet getting the star behind Chain Chomp can take two seconds. Or an hour depending on how well you can get Mario to land that ground-pound.

4. Whomp’s Fortress

This is another level that’s well designed. I especially love this one though merely for the fact that it hands out a lot of coins. I love collecting coins.

3. Tick Tock Clock

This is a very well crafted level. It can be tricky with so many high places to jump up to, but I think it’s awesome that they have the cogs work at a certain speed depending on what time you jump into the clock to enter the level.

2. Lethal Lava Land

Um, there’s fire and a volcano. So it’s cool.

1. Big Boo’s Haunt

I always love the Boo mansions in any of the Mario games. They’re tricky with twists and turns and I just find the levels to overall be well designed because they’re supposed to be spooky and hard. While this particular level in Super Mario 64 isn’t that difficult, I still enjoy the design and the music.

What are some of your favorite levels? Let me know in the comments below!

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Of Different Play Styles

Rachel and I realized that we really need to just start carrying around recording devices to catch our impromptu conversations about video games when we’re not writing posts together. One such topic that came up recently was how our play styles differ and overlap when it comes to gaming. We tend to play games together, but you can always tell who is at the controller based on the game and how the main character is running about.

I typically watch Kris play games most of the time, but since we started this blog and do game reviews together, we tend to pass the controller back and forth. Yet, depending on the game, one of us will play more than the other.

I’m definitely more in favor of games with a good story line. If I don’t care about the story, I tend not to be as invested in the game. The Legend of Zelda games, while most share the same formula of Courage and Wisdom versus Power, all have deep story lines and brilliant characters for me to care about. The worlds are always rich to explore as well, and I never feel like I’m wasting time even if I’m goofing off on a side quest.

I agree with that. A video game needs to have an excellent storyline with well-crafted characters to care about. However, I’ve noticed that I tend to gravitate towards the platformer games. I like making “progress” and going to one level right after another. I like to see my completion and collect things.

Which also explains why you tend to be better at racing and the other few sports games that we play. Seeing those gold trophies lined up must be a good motivator for you! I need to be more immersed in the world itself. Give me a main goal and let me get to it on my own while exploring the areas around me. I enjoy puzzles and thinking my way out of situations rather than level-hopping.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, my competitive side really comes out! It’s funny how we just noticed this through Super Mario Odyssey. Of course, we both enjoy all kinds of games even if we prefer one over the other. But I was super excited that Odyssey is similar to Super Mario 64.

Thinking about our styles with Odyssey, it almost seems to be the opposite. While Odyssey is a fun game, I’m not nearly as invested in it as I was, say, Breath of the Wild. The family of 3D Mario games were never my favorites — just due to personal preference — so I tend to go for the main goal of the Odyssey levels instead of fully exploring to trip over more Power Moons like Rachel does.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I find the levels to be massive and even though the Power Moons are sometimes too easy to find, I have the urge to collect them all. I think this is what Pokemon did to me… Still, I think it’s funny how similar yet different our gaming tastes are.

What kinds of games do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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First Impressions: Super Mario Odyssey

Double Jump Kris MiiLike the rest of the gaming world, Rachel and I have been playing Super Mario Odyssey since it arrived at our house! And my opinion on it thus far is probably in the minority…



We’ve had Super Mario Odyssey on pre-order for a while so we would have the game delivered to our house the day it was released. The majority of the gaming world was going crazy for the newest 3D Super Mario game, and with good reason. So far, it plays wonderfully, even if the controls took a little getting used to with the Joy-Con, and the levels remind us of the classic Super Mario 64 — different worlds that you can hop in and out of with collectible items to help power up your ship to reach even new worlds.

I like the game, from what we’ve played so far. However, unlike many other Nintendo fans, I find the 3D Mario games as just okay. Don’t get me wrong, Super Mario 64 was revolutionary for its time and it’s a fun game, but it was never a game that I would willingly turn on to play by myself. Likewise, Sunshine and the Galaxy pair were not my cup of tea. Sunshine just didn’t hold my attention at all and the first Galaxy game made me feel dizzy. It turned me off from playing the second Galaxy.

So when Odyssey was announced, I figured it would be a decent game. The Switch is a fantastic console and the mechanics from Odyssey’s trailer looked different enough to keep me interested. I was mostly impressed with Mayor Pauline singing the theme song! The music is entertaining!

After playing through the first few levels of Odyssey, I’m not completely on board with it. Not yet, anyway. I’ll finish the main story with Rachel, but I’m not invested in finding every Power Moon like I was with every shrine in Breath of the Wild. At this moment, I’m more interested in continuing Fire Emblem Warriors or even going back to the DLC for Breath of the Wild.

Super Mario Odyssey is being praised as one of the best games to be released, but I’m not seeing it just yet. It’s a good game, sure, but probably not one of my top favorites.

How are you liking Super Mario Odyssey so far?

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Switch Week: Trailers


The most anticipated aspect of any presentation for a new game console would have to be the trailers for the upcoming games. What new worlds and adventures will we go on with the new console? What will the graphics look like? How will the music sound? How the hell do we jump with these new controllers?

One trailer I was looking forward to the most was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I had a feeling they were going to save that for last, and they did. So, we’re going to save our thoughts on that one for last because… why not?

I could go into a whole post about the Breath of the Wild trailer! The other major trailer that we probably cared most about was Super Mario Odyssey. While the graphics looked amazing (seriously, you could see the individual hairs of Mario’s mustache and his blue eyes were super clear!), seeing Mario in a world with more realistic humans was a bit… odd. The main thought that ran around in my head regarding it was, “Sonic already did all this in Sonic Adventure DX.” Remember how that was set in Station Square with similar-looking human characters? And the wall jumps and clinging to pipes and rolling?

Mario even rolled around like Sonic… It was super weird. I think it’s going to be a great game regardless because it’s Mario, but I felt as though Mario wasn’t acting like himself. Like you said, he was acting more like Sonic. But I agree, the graphics were awesome! I can’t believe how far the graphics have come compared to the older generations of games and consoles. Honestly, though, I think the other trailer I got really excited about was Arms. It totally looked weird from the get-go, but the more I saw of it, the more I got intrigued.

The only thing the Super Mario Odyssey was missing was an awesome track by Crush 40. Arms is intriguing… That’s a good word for it. It’s not a game I’m going to rush out and buy, but it doesn’t look too bad at all. If anything, it looks like it’ll be an interesting game to play with friends. I’m curious if there can be more than two players to a match… Can you imagine if the Switch’s version of Super Smash Brothers plays like that?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Arms will be a game that I would get right away, despite what you say. Playing Smash as though you’re in a real match like that would be awesome. The only way it could get any more real was if it was virtual reality.

Which sounds slightly terrifying but awesome! Of course, the crowning jewel of the trailers was the Breath of the Wild trailer and the amazing reveal that it will be a launch day title for the Switch! After nearly four years, we’re finally getting it. The graphics and music were fantastic, and the character and setting designs were gorgeous enough to bring tears to my eyes!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We both cried. Laugh if you want (we did too), but we cannot wait for that game! The trailer is only the beginning.

How did you like the trailers? Which was your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below!

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