I Can’t Run in Games

If you know me, then you know I’m not the best at video games. I picked a good hobby, didn’t I? Kris and I recently finished playing through Super Mario RPG on our Twitch channel. This wasn’t our first rodeo with the game. I grew up watching Kris play this game over and over again. However, […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite Odd Bosses In Super Mario RPG

Happy Tuesday! Super Mario RPG is a favorite game of ours. I always enjoy watching Kris play, humming along to the music, and commentating on the wacky-looking enemies in the game. Bowyer Bowyer is the first boss you encounter in the game. He has an interesting character design as he looks like a bow. His […]

Friday Favorites: My Video Game Hall of Fame

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of new games have recently been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame — Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, Colossal Cave Adventure, and Microsoft Windows Solitaire. While there are criteria as to which games are inducted, I thought it would be fun to make a small list of my […]

Friday Favorites: Single-Player Games

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post goes along with our #GamingTogether posts that we put up on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, with the question regarding single-player games. With eSports and online play, single-player games tend to be pushed aside for multiplayer experiences, yet single-player games tend to have more flushed-out stories. Core Pokemon Games While I […]

Friday Favorites: Beaches in Games

Happy Friday! Being June, it’s supposed to be warmer, the perfect weather for a day at the beach. Considering where I am is kind of lackluster at the moment, with the weather ranging from the fifties to the eighties in Fahrenheit degrees rather than being consistent “summer” temperature, I’m going to visit some in-game beaches and […]

Game Within a Game

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready for the summer? Here on the east coast in North America, we’ve been getting… interesting weather. Nothing too fancy, just the temperatures going up and down like a roller coaster lately instead of the warmer weather that so many people like about the summer. Summer also generally means vacations and […]

Friday Favorites: Fire Levels

Hey, it’s June! A little while ago, I did a Friday Favorites dedicated to video game levels that reminded me of or were set in winter. To celebrate the coming warmer months, this time around my Friday Favorites post is dedicated to summery or hot levels. Cinnabar Island from Pokemon In the Kanto region of […]

Super Mario RPG Barrel Volcano — Crazy Group Trio

Crazy Group Trio was discovered via Spotify when the music streaming service recommended the artist due to the covers and remixes of video game music that the artist creates. Super Mario RPG covers were included, something that was exciting to us! Crazy Group Trio’s YouTube channel is fairly active, with music being uploaded a couple […]

Super Mario RPG [Game Review]

Title: Super Mario RPG Developer: Nintendo, Square Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo SNES Category: Role-playing Release Date: Mario 9, 1996 How we got the game: We got it on the SNES Classic and also have it on the Wii virtual console, as well as the original SNES cartridge Prepare to just have me absolutely gushing about this game. It’s one […]

Character Spotlight: Bowser

Happy Tuesday and Happy Halloween! It’s time for another Character Spotlight, a character we all know and love.   Bowser, originally known as King Koopa, is everyone’s beloved villain from the Mario Bros. franchise. He originally appeared in the Super Mario Bros. game for the NES in 1985. He’s an old man… his most recent appearance […]