More Smash Ultimate DLC Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! This is about some news that’s a couple of weeks old, but I cannot help but think about it. The Super Smash Bros. roster is so big already, I can’t imagine who else to put in!

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The latest Nintendo Direct mentioned that even more DLC characters are going to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate family. Considering all of the characters we have now, what other franchises and series do you want to see represented?

Granted, our favorite franchises are sufficiently represented, but it would be interesting to see more of a variety in them. We have plenty of Fire Emblem characters, but I’m curious if characters from Three Houses will show up. Having a Fire Emblem character that is not a sword-user would be amazing. Perhaps a Pokemon from the Galar region will show up for the latest generation. Maybe there will be an aspect of the second Breath of the Wild or the remake of Link’s Awakening in Ultimate.

I would totally be down for a joint Jigglypuff and Marion concert in Smash Ultimate.

With that said, I am presuming that the newest DLC characters will also be franchises that aren’t in Smash just yet. Rachel and I are first and foremost Nintendo fans, so characters from other series aren’t usually on our radars. Yet, I would love more female or unique animal characters on the roster. Shantae is fairly popular and it’d be fun to play as Spyro hovering around the stage.

Of course, I also can’t help but hope for Geno from Super Mario RPG!

What extra DLC characters are you hoping will show up in Smash? Any franchises you’re hoping will get some representation? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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First Impressions: Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0

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This past Wednesday, a Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 randomly dropped to announce the newest DLC character Joker from the Persona series, as well as a few other goodies. We spent a little time this morning actually testing out Joker in a few fights, and I have to say that he’ll probably end up being one of my go-to characters.

Looking at the way Joker moved in the Direct, I knew he would be a favorite of Kris’s because he reminds me a lot of Sheik. We tested him out and he’s a pretty cool character – he’s fast, but not too fast and has a lot of cool moves.

My favorite characters do tend to be the faster ones, yes. I like the daggers, haha! We’ve actually never played any of the Persona games, which is something we should fix. We’ve heard of the series and the character, of course, but this was our first time seeing him in action. I’m curious about the actual “persona” that appears as well as to the reason for his masks and such.

Yes, I definitely want to play those games. Then again, we say that about a lot of games. Anyway, we also tried out the building a stage mode. Kris gave it a shot failing at making a circle. The stage looked like a whale with a unicorn-type horn made of ice… though I guess we can say he was spouting out water.

I rather like the original description you gave it — a speech bubble with a party hat. Granted, the stage builder, especially the drawing part of it will probably be better in handheld mode. It’s definitely something we want to explore more. It was interesting seeing what kind of stages are already being shared.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t give it a try yet, but I definitely want to do something in handheld mode soon. Maybe that’ll be the next Double Jump Challenge?

I’m game for that! See who can come up with the most creative and functional stage? Or we can have a theme in place and see who comes up with a stage that best matches it?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The possibilities will be endless! We’ll have to do multiple challenges for this. Either way, I’m looking forward to final four DLC characters in Smash. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

What’s your favorite part of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s newest update? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Who Are the DLC Fighters for Smash Ultimate?


Ever since it was announced that there would be DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there have been a plethora of speculation over who the new Smashers would be. Joker was revealed as the first DLC character, but who are the others? Speculating over this with us today is Justin from TWOTALL4UFOOL, and we are pleased and delighted he was able to join us again. Thank you for joining us, Justin!

Sistas! Thanks once again for inviting your boy 2TALL on. I wish they would just announce the characters already.

Always great to have you. I too wish they would just announce the characters though I don’t mind a little room for speculation. Nintendo can’t please everyone but they try their best. I’m sure they’re looking at people’s ideas and tucking them away for the future. There are a few characters I would love to have as fighters in Smash, but one I thought of the other night was Birdo from the Super Mario series. I don’t know why, but I think she would be a good fit, especially to be an echo fighter for Yoshi. I know they have a ton of Mario characters on there already, but I think Birdo would be a cool addition.

While I really enjoy the aspect of unlocking characters — I can remember how much fun it was to figure out and be surprised by the unlockable characters in Melee, for example — I am not so pleased with DLC as a whole. Having the characters announced already would allow us to pick and choose which characters to add to our games, perhaps saving a little money in the process. Honestly, I’m sure we’d get all the characters anyway just to complete the game, but the idea of saving money would be nice. As for DLC character I would like, I still stand by Geno from Mario RPG, even though he’s already in the World of Light as a spirit.

My first pick for one of the characters would have to be Crash Bandicoot. I believe one of Activision’s franchises will be represented and i think he’s perfect. You already have Sonic so why not him.

Geno would be a great addition to the game. And you bring up a good point that people would save money and not get the DLC if certain characters were announced. Crash Bandicoot would be an interesting fighter too. What kinds of moves would he have, do you think? My other vote, however, is Professor Layton. He’s kick butt in Layton Vs. Phoenix and I’d love to play him in Smash.

Birdo, Crash Bandicoot, and Layton would be awesome additions! I’d also like to see another female or two. I was a little disappointed that the other Street Fighter rep was not Chun-Li. Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy series would be great to see, too. To add an IP that is not in Smash just yet, what about a Kingdom Hearts character? I haven’t really played those games, not yet, but Sora would be interesting… Or Mickey, haha!

Geno I feel is a great choice. Birdo I feel should’ve been added as an echo fighter for Yoshi. I feel Crash would definitely have that spin move he does. I personally don’t think they will add a Kingdom Hearts character but you never know. Do you think any 3rd party villains could be added?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Having a Kingdom Hearts character would be fun. I wouldn’t might playing as Sora with the Keyblade. As for Mickey… I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing a Disney Smash as its own game! Adding more villains is a great idea too… I feel like there aren’t that many in the game at this point.

My next character I feel they should add. Dr. Eggman/Robotnik! I feel he would be a great villain to add.

More villains would be interesting… I was about to say Dr. Eggman for Sonic and I’m sure Mega Man has some good villain characters that would be good for Smash. Imagine Sephiroth to opposite Cloud! To add another IP into Smash, what about Spyro the Dragon? I’ve also seen a lot of speculation of Minecraft somehow being represented in Smash… Not sure how that would work?

Spyro falls under Activision. So I feel that between Spyro and Crash it would be Crash that would get in.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Dr. Eggman would be a lot of fun to play as! I would love to see Spyro too. As for Minecraft… I don’t think I care too much to play as Steve or someone. We already have the Mii Fighters. I could see Minecraft zombies being an assist trophy or something though.

Yeah I could see see Minecraft zombies being added in as assist trophies.

If third-parties didn’t matter as much so both Crash and Spyro could be in the game, I still feel like Spyro would be fun. Gliding around and breathing fireballs, but being small enough for some speed would be great. Going back to Minecraft, Steve does seem to be one of the more popular guesses. By popular, I mean lots of people are guessing that Steve will be there rather than people actually being excited to play as him. Imagine Creepers and Endermen being assist trophies!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Imagine playing as a Creeper! I’d love to sneak up behind people and just blow up. But I guess we’ll know soon enough what the other characters will be. It’ll be a fun surprise anyway. I’m looking forward to trying out Joker, even though we’ve never played Persona 5. I’m sure he’ll be great and so will the other characters.

I feel if third-parties were no big deal there would be no problem letting this duo in the game. Banjo-Kazooie. That would be amazing. I also feel Nickelodeon would put in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to if that were the case. LOL!

I would LOVE the Ninja Turtles in the game! They had their own version of Smash back on the Wii, so why not put them officially in the Smash franchise? On that note, we’ve done a lot of speculating on this post and, as Rachel said, it’ll be interesting to see how all the characters officially mesh together. I think the last DLC isn’t being released until next year, which is a bit annoying to wait for… I wonder if they’ll add characters from brand new IPs, like Astral Chain that was shown in the Direct or a character from the new Fire Emblem: Three Houses game… Guess we’ll have to find out! Thank you again, Justin, for joining us! We’ll put his links up so everyone can go and check him out!

With the DLC for Smash Ultimate getting closer and closer, who do you want in Smash? Don’t forget to give Justin’s blog and his Game N’ Watch Podcast podcast some love!

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Friday Favorites: Smash Bros. Ultimate Assist Trophies

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

A few months ago, I did an assist trophy wish list for Smash Bros. Ultimate. So far, I haven’t seen any of the video game homages that were on my wish list, but I haven’t had many complaints about the assist trophies I have seen so far.


Klaptrap from Donkey Kong

This little crocodile is annoying when he’s going after your player, but it’s a great ally when you’re lucky enough to get him. It’s amusing to me to see Klaptrap go and chomp on your opponents!

Krystal from Star Fox

I think I would have enjoyed Krystal as an actual fighter rather than just as an assist trophy. Her staff, unique moves, and just being another female would have made her an interesting fighter. Nevertheless, I liked seeing her appear and go to town in helping to pummel your opponents.

Moon from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

While Majora’s Mask is not my favorite Legend of Zelda title, I did like the inclusion of the Moon. The creepy face coming closer and closer to the stage before engulfing in fire to hit everyone is a nice homage to the Legend of Zelda title.

Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Knuckles was always one of my favorite characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, so it was nice to see his cameo in Ultimate. I think he would have been interesting as another fighter with his brawling style, but it’s nice seeing him even as an assist trophy.

Rathalos from Monster Hunter

I don’t play the Monster Hunter series, but this guy is like a dragon. A dragon! I like dragons!

What are your favorite Smash Bros. Ultimate assist trophies?

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Friday Favorites: 2018 Holiday Releases

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

The holidays are coming, with radio stations already playing Christmas songs and the scent of snow in the air. Mom is already asking us to fix up our Amazon wish lists, and she’s a little annoyed that we tend to pre-order our games nowadays, haha!


Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

This game is coming today! Rachel and I have been waiting for this game to come out since it was first teased. It’s a major nostalgic trip for me, seeing as Kanto was where I started my “Pokemon journey” a couple of decades ago. We’re hoping the co-op mode will be tons of fun!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Who isn’t waiting for this game? Admittedly, much of the surprise and speculation seems to have already been shown off and/or leaked onto the Internet, but I’m still looking forward to seeing how this game plays out. While I’m also not looking forward to shelling out extra cash for additional DLC characters, I am very curious as to who else is going to be on the roster.


Gris just looks to be one of the prettiest video games we may ever see. It’s boasted as being a platform game with no enemies or lives. Rather, your character explores the beautiful scenery and puzzles, being in tune with their emotions after going through a difficult experience in their life.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

We are not PlayStation girls. We grew up mainly with Nintendo consoles and, even now, we have an Xbox One that we turn on occasionally while our PlayStation 3 that was generously gifted to us from a friend has yet to be powered on, despite how long we’ve had it. Nevertheless, we did have the original PlayStation and the original Spyro trilogy. If memory serves me, we enjoyed being the little, sassy purple dragon, so I think it’ll be fun to play the games again!

What holiday releases are you looking forward to?

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WTF Friday: Nintendo November 2018 Direct

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Is this a new post category? I dunno. Definitely have a lot of thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct, many of which I’m not sure how to feel either way. Hence the general, “Wtf” feeling.


So, there was a Nintendo Direct yesterday focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the last one before the game is finally released. I had to wait until I got home after work to see the direct, but Rachel did tell me the gist of it during my lunch break.

Honestly, while I wish I could watch the directs live with my sister instead of being at my day job, I am always highly entertained at Rachel’s animated reenactments (voices and acting included).

Rachel posted her thoughts on it right after the direct was over, but I have a few of my own. I didn’t think the direct was too bad… not the best, but it wasn’t too bad.

I believe the direct had many new, unexpected aspects to the game, aspects that made me raise an eyebrow and go, “Wtf?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m still optimistic about Ultimate, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how these new features will pan out.

Some new fighters were revealed — Ken, Incineroar, and… Piranha Plant (free for a limited time!).

Okay. They’re not bad. If we needed another brawler, I would have rather had Chun-Li from Street Fighter rather than Ken as another female fighter, but I won’t complain. Incineroar isn’t too bad, and I know Rachel is excited to see that Pokemon as a fighter. Piranha Plant was completely random but I think it’s a cute character… for a limited time.

Speaking of the characters, definitely not sure how I feel about the DLC. In today’s day and age of video games, DLC is normal, despite how much I am not a fan of it. I’d rather pay for the whole game at once rather than shelling out an extra thirty bucks or so for more content. On the other hand, Geno may be a DLC character, so of course we’re going to buy the fighters pass.

I totally went “Wtf?” at the adventure mode with the big bad force just Thanos-snapping all the fighters out of existence EXCEPT FOR KIRBY. I laughed at seeing the pink puffball avoid getting disintegrated (along with Rachel telling me, “Yeah, the whole chat was going, ‘RUN KIRBY RUN!’ and then cheering when he was shown to be alive.”). Kirby is to Smash Bros. Ultimate as Tony Stark is to Avengers 4, apparently.

Definitely went, “Wtf?” at seeing the evil clones (?) of the characters that we have to go save and hearing the theme song (it has lyrics!).

All in all, though, World of Light doesn’t look bad at all. It seems like a fun adventure mode, and I’m actually really excited to see all the different kind of video game characters that make cameos as spirits in the game! There were plenty of times that I was cooing over seeing characters that I completely forgot existed in the videos. I definitely found it amusing to see all the Pokemon — do you think they have every Pokemon in existence as spirits?

The online mode seems to have gotten a nice revamp from previous installments as well, and I like the measures Nintendo has taken to ensure that matches remain fair, both in rules and player strength. It’ll be great to actually test it out with some friends!

What did you think of the Nintendo Direct? Who do you think will be the five DLC characters?

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What About The Super Smash Bros. Gamecube Controller For The Nintendo Switch?

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Just like everyone else, I’ve been thinking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a lot. I can’t wait for the game to come out and I keep thinking about what Nintendo will have up their sleeves next… if there’s more to come to the game, that is.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Controller | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Gaming | Video Games |

Come the end of 2018 Nintendo is releasing a brand new Gamecube controller along with an adapter to plug it into the Nintendo Switch. There are four ports so you can, of course, play Smash Bros. with four people on the Switch.

Now, maybe I’m overthinking things. Maybe this is just wishful thinking. But I was wondering… do you think Nintendo is going to somehow bring back Gamecube games to the Switch?

We already know there’s going to be some NES virtual console games on the Switch with the online membership. After creating the NES Classic and SNES Classic, I wonder if they’ll create more mini consoles for the rest or if Nintendo is planning on adding games from all – if not most – old consoles onto the Switch.

Yes, having a cool Smash controller is great and sure, you need the adapter to plug it into the Switch, but I wonder if Nintendo has more things planned with it. Did they really create all that just for the Smash game alone? As if the Smash game didn’t have enough going for it.

I love the Gamecube and I really miss it – especially since all our controllers broke so we can’t really go back to play any of the games until we buy new controllers for it. I think it would be great if Nintendo was planning to bring back some of the Gamecube games for the Switch either as ports or as the virtual console eventually.

I mean, we’re getting Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS, why not get more on the Switch?

Do you think we’ll get to do or play more with the Gamecube controllers? Or am I overthinking things? Let me know in the comments! 

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Friday Favorites: Smash Direct

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

The Super Smash Bros Direct this past Wednesday was filled to the brim with exciting information on the development of Smash Bros. Ultimate. While my greatest wish for the game hasn’t been granted yet, I’m still pretty damn pleased with what we have seen!



He’s finally in the lineup! Sure, he’s an echo character, but he still finally made it in the lineup! Awakening is one of my favorite Fire Emblem titles so, while I don’t believe we need another swordsman or Fire Emblem lord, it is a nice treat to see Chrom make an appearance other than be in Robin’s Final Smash (which actually begs the question… will Chrom still be part of Robin’s Final Smash? Or will Robin appear as Grima?).


The stage mechanics seemed to have gotten a nice overhaul, and all the effort looks as if it’ll pay off. All the stages having omega forms? Throwback stages to the original N64 installment? Stages morphing into others? Having the option to turn the hazards on and off? Yes, please!


I don’t listen to the radio much these days. My coworkers and cousins talk about concerts and random country singers and I have no idea what they’re saying other than a vague recollection of, “Yes, I think I’ve heard of that guy before.” My Spotify playlists are made up of video game soundtracks and covers, so when I saw the music collection that is going to be in Smash Ultimate, I loved it! Not sure if I’ll ever have the courage to take the Switch with me for a portable player, but being able to have my own playlist filled with Nintendo tunes on in the background while I’m working will be great.

New Assists and Pokemon

It’s great to see Knuckles and Krystal there for assist trophy cameos! I would have loved to see them as echo characters, if not fighters in their own right, but I’ll take them as assist trophies. Abra looks like a deliciously fun Pokemon to unleash on the stage, and it wasn’t a surprise to see the Alolan legendaries. Seeing Mimikyu made us go, “Awww!” to “OH GOD!” very quickly, haha!

What were your favorite parts of the Smash direct? Anything you were hoping to see?

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What I’m Looking Forward To The Most In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

There was a lot of hype yesterday over the latest Nintendo Direct. I don’t know about you, but my heart was racing for a good chunk of the afternoon. Ultimate is going to be a great game.

There’s a lot of great things coming to the game, but here’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

Smashdown Mode & Tournament Mode

I was always a huge fan of the competition-like styles of gameplay. I remember putting Melee on in the background while I worked, the tournament mode with all computer characters and just watched them all duke it out.

In fact, I still do that now with the Wii U version of the game, but I create my own tournaments and just remember which characters I already used and such.

Having the tournament mode back made me so happy. I can’t wait to watch the computer players as I work or play with my friends and cousins and beat each other up.

I’m also excited for Smashdown Mode. I have just a handful of characters I use all the time. I always say I’ll try someone else and then never do. Also, my cousin uses the same character as me so when we play it’s usually just two clones fighting.

I’m looking forward to trying Smashdown Mode so we can fight over who gets to grab Zelda first and then it forces us to try out new characters.

Overall, I’m super excited for the game and I can’t wait to give it a try. There’s 3 months left and I feel like it’ll take forever to get here… then again, it’ll be here before we know it.

At least we have Super Mario Party and Pokemon to tie us over until then.

What are you looking forward to the most in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let me know in the comments below!

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Our Thoughts During The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct

For once, we were able to watch a Nintendo Direct live! We’ve been looking forward to know more about Super Smash Brothers Ultimate since it was first announced.

This is just a bulleted list of what our thoughts were as we were watching the Nintendo Direct. Keep in mind, this obviously contains spoilers. So, if you didn’t watch the Direct, do not read on.


First, that intro was dope. They definitely couldn’t have done that better if they tried. Throwing Luigi into the new Dracula’s Castle stage was perfect. The introduction of Simon and his echo character, Richter, from Castlevania was well done.

We’ve never played Castlevania before, but do have a few games with the Nintendo NES and SNES mini, so we’ll have to try those games out soon.

New Characters

Simon and Ritcher look like amazing characters. Both seem so smooth and powerful and we’re eager to give them a try.

Chrom from Fire Emblem and Dark Samus were also announced as echo characters. We’re excited for Chrom and having another Samus thrown into the mix is great as well.

Lastly, they announced King K. Rool at the very end of the direct. This is a character we’ve hoped for – or at least thought would be cool to have – so we’re surprised he’s actually part of the roster now. We’re excited!


We have a feeling this game is going to take up a lot of space on the Switch, but that’s fine. We’re going to be able to revisit old stages from as far back as the original Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo 64. Not to mention brand new stages such as Dracula’s Castle announced in the beginning of the direct, which looks like an amazing stage.

Stage Perks

All the stages are available from the very beginning of the game and they’re all available for 8-player matches, which is amazing. We no longer have to limit ourselves to certain stages if we have more than 3 friends (rare, but it does happen).

The stages can also morph, which means you can play on two stages at once. You can pick which two stages you want and throughout the match, the stages with morph from one to the next adding a little more variety and challenge to the match.


We’ve always wanted to have soundtracks to every video game we play. Though when games have the tracks listed in the settings that we can listen to, we never do. We can’t bring it with us. Well, now we can. We can bring over 800 gaming tracks with us as long as we have our Switch with us. And we’re excited about that.

Items & Assist Trophies

They’ve added quite a few new things in this department. They’ve added new Pokemon for the Pokeball item, two new swords, a bomb, and Rachel’s personally favorite – a banana. Why that hasn’t been a thing before, who knows?

The assist trophies all look great as well. Though, we’ll admit, we would have loved to have Knuckles as an echo character to Sonic, if not his own character. The moon from Majora’s Mask though is so clever and definitely should have been added long ago.

Modes & Such

They talked about the Classic mode as well as the Tournament mode. They’ve added a new Smashdown mode which eliminates characters after you’ve played as them. This allows you to try out different characters and, if you’re playing with others, allows you to rush over to certain characters before your friend does.


We were pleased with the direct overall. We’re looking forward to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to come out now more than ever. We’re eager to test out the new characters, check out the awesome new modes, and play on the various stages.

What did you think of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct? Let us know in the comments below!

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