Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Double Jump

It’s Thanksgiving day in our neck of the woods and we’ve certainly got a lot to be thankful for this year. 2019 was an odd year, to say the least, but the gaming community has been kind to us. As always, we continue to meet some wonderful gamers and get the opportunity to work with […]

Thank You!

It’s around Thanksgiving time here in the United States, and we thought it a perfect time to give our own round of thanks. Thank you to the gaming community we’ve encountered. We’ve been playing video games since we could hold controllers and, while we’ve been lucky to have each other as a gaming buddy, it’s […]

Nintendo Switch Games To Play With The Whole Family

Happy Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving! Here I am doing another list on a Thursday… but it’s Thanksgiving! We all gather together with family and friends during this time. So, here are some games that can be played with the whole family. A whole bunch of games has come out this month and the month before. It’s […]

Our Sappy Thank You Post

During my lunch break from my day job recently, Rachel asked, “Where do you think we’d be without the Switch?” In all honesty, we’d probably be playing lots of other older games and still be really sad about not playing Breath of the Wild on the new console. However, the question did get us thinking […]

Some New Threads

Ah, it’s Monday again, but this week is the start of the holidays. I hope everyone in the US has some wonderful plans for Thanksgiving! And, hey, if you’re not in the US or don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful week anyway! So, being a woman, it’s kind of a pain to […]