Our Reactions To The Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards are the equivalent to the Emmys or the Oscars but for video games. This awards show was founded and is hosted by the lovely Geoff Keighley and this was its fifth year running. The Game Awards is something I tend to look forward to every December because I think it’s great the […]

Double Jump's Game Awards

While we have nothing personal against any of the games that won their respective Game Awards — it’s a wonderful feat — there were definitely games that we’ve played this year that we felt were a little overlooked. If we were nominating games for categories in the Game Awards, we’d add a little more variety. […]

The Game Awards 2018

First of all, congratulations to all of the games and teams that were nominated and won awards in The Game Awards this past Thursday! We watched most of it live Thursday night then finished it up Friday morning. It was a good show, even if we weren’t as enthusiastic about it as we were last […]

Friday Favorites: Game Awards 2017 Moments

Happy Friday, everyone! The Game Awards have come and gone this year, and we really enjoyed the show. There are a few parts, however, that still stand out to me. Here is a list of my favorite parts of the 2017 Game Awards. Orchestra Performance I’m an absolute sucker for the music in video games […]

Reactions To The Game Awards 2017

While we weren’t able to watch the Game Awards live, we watched the stream through YouTube this weekend. This was the fourth year for the Game Awards, but our first year watching. I wasn’t expecting them to showcase upcoming games and announce new ones. I honestly thought it was just going to strictly awards plus […]

The Game Awards

Happy Monday, everyone! … That sounded like an oxymoron, didn’t it? So, this past Thursday had been The Game Awards. Rachel and I, instead of watching it, played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past because we’re in a different┬átimezone and we sort of forgot about the awards. Oops. We’ll probably watch the […]