Pioneer Times

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

Our days are saturated with technology, especially for those of us who love video games. Watching a DVD of an old show led me to wonder about how we would survive in an age before all of these technical advancements…


I don’t watch too much television. Rather, Rachel and I tend to stick on some of our favorite YouTube or Twitch channels to listen to while we work or hang out if we’re not gaming or writing. Lately, DVDs of the old show “I Love Lucy” is what I’ve been putting on as background noise.

It’s an older show, one that originally ran in the 1950s and is still prevalent today with its comedy. Rachel’s and my older sister Lisa is the expert on stars from that era, and it’s due to her influence that “I Love Lucy,” “The Dick van Dyke Show,” and “Happy Days” are a couple of our favorites to return to again and again.

“I Love Lucy” has an episode called Pioneer Woman where the husbands and wives bet each other that they couldn’t live like their grandparents had in the 1900s — no electricity, needing to churn their own butter, bake their own bread, sew their own clothes, etc. The wives revolted over housework and wanted “modern” conveniences, like an automatic dishwasher.

“I Love Lucy,” Pioneer Woman

Many of their modern conveniences are technology that we take for granted nowadays and, honestly, many we cannot live without. When was the last time you didn’t use your cell phone for a day? Are you able to do your day job without the help of a computer or any type of technology? Does the last video game you played have online capabilities to play and connect with others?

I’m constantly on the computer with my job, and it’s beyond frustrating when some aspect of it doesn’t work, whether its our Internet, the computers themselves, or one of the many programs we use to keep everything running smoothly. Our blogs and social media are used everyday at home for our writing, gaming, and connecting with friends. It absolutely sucks whenever our Internet decides to be spotty — it’s like we’re cut off from the rest of the world.

Gaming is a huge part of my life, having connected me with amazing people and friends through the Internet, as well as inspiring my writing and art in more ways than one. I am constantly amazed at the advancements in technology we have made in my lifetime, and I truly wonder if we could ever spend even a day without the tech we have at our fingertips.

Do you realize how often you use technology? Do you think you could survive in the 1900s after the comfort and ease of today’s technology?

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Twitch is running a marathon of all 19 seasons of the Pokemon anime, including the movies, and it’s going to run well into 2019. While Rachel and I enjoy the Pokemon anime, especially the earlier seasons, we never really watched too much anime in our lives. We recently watched and enjoyed the Ace Attorney series, and we used to watch Sonic X more for nostalgia for the older cartoon rather than actually liking it, anime was never really our thing.

Yes, we really only cared for the Pokemon anime because it’s… well, it’s Pokemon. However, we have seen a couple of other anime shows in our lifetime, while we didn’t watch anything other people watch. Fruits Basket being one of them.

Fruits Basket wasn’t too bad at all, although I remember more of the manga from borrowing it from an old high school friend than I do the anime. Every once in a while on Saturday mornings I’d catch an episode of Cardcaptor Sakura too. That wasn’t a bad show at all, if I remember correctly.

We borrowed the DVDs from your friend too, I think. I remember watching it in the basement with you. I never read the manga, though I plan to… eventually. I’ve never seen Cardcaptor Sakura, though I do remember you mentioning it to me one time.

It wasn’t too bad at all, and I would like to try to revisit it, see what became of the show. I’m sure you want to watch more of the Fruits Basket anime, too. Yu-Gi-Oh doesn’t seem too bad either, but all I’ve really seen of that show was the original theme song. There are so many other anime out there… We should definitely try to find more that we’d be interested in, see if there’s any others we’d like to watch.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If we got into Yu-Gi-Oh then I’m going to need more room to collect even more trading cards. I want to watch Ouran High School Host Club again too. That was a really good show.

Oh, the trading cards… We should probably figure out how to play all those card games, especially with all your Pokemon cards! Sword Art Online is another anime that I’d be interested in seeing. It’s based in a virtual MMORPG and players cannot log out of their avatars until they defeat the final boss. Apparently the anime is set in 2022 which isn’t too far from now!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s sounds really cool! Though totally creepy because of how close it is… it’s funny how shows are set to the “future” and it’s like, well. Here we are. But that definitely sounds like a good one too.

Are you into anime? What are some you watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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