Snipperclips Game Review

Title: Snipperclips Company: Nintendo  Console: Nintendo Switch Release Date: March 3, 2017 How we got the game: We bought it Snipperclips was an adorable launch title for the Nintendo Switch, starring two characters that shared paper- and scissor-like qualities. While it can be a one-player game, the charm of Snipperclips is when you get multiple people playing together […]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Game Review

Title: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Company: Nintendo Console: Nintendo Switch Release Date: April 2017 How we got the game: We pre-ordered it Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a souped-up version of the original Mario Kart 8 that had been released for the Wii U in 2014. The Deluxe version included all of the original DLC that had been […]

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Game Review

Title: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Company: Nintendo, Capcom Console: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: June 9, 2016 How we got the game: We bought it. Ever since we discovered Trials and Tribulations on the Wii’s Virtual Console years ago, we’ve been hooked on the Ace Attorney series. The visual novel’s point-and-click exploration combined with the “who […]

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Game Review

Title: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Company: Nintendo  Console: Wii U Release Date: November 13, 2014 How we got the game: I bought itCaptain Toad is an easy game to maneuver around. You go from one puzzle to the other through the pages of a book being able to go through one puzzle at a some. Sometimes, two or […]

Pokemon White 2 Review

Happy Thursday! We’re getting closer to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I just completed the Unova region. Only one more region to go before getting Alola!   Title: Pokemon White 2 Company: Nintendo Console: Nintendo DS How I got the game: I bought it My Review: Graphics When this game first came out, I remembered how amazed […]

Pokemon Blue

Part one of my journey is complete! I challenged myself to play through all the Pokemon regions before Sun and Moon come out in November. I played Pokemon Blue, starting at the very roots of the series. I have officially made it through the Kanto region. Title: Pokemon Blue Company: Nintendo Console: Gameboy How I got the game: I […]

Paper Mario

Hello everyone! Today I have another game review for you. It’s an old school Nintendo 64 game. Enjoy! Title: Paper Mario Company: Nintendo Console: Nintendo 64 How I got the game: I bought it on my Wii from the virtual console shop. (I also have a Nintendo 64 copy) My Review: Paper Mario is hands-down my favorite game ever. […]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

Title: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Company: Capcom Console: Nintendo DS, Virtual Console How we got the game: We bought it on the Virtual Console. Our Review:   Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was a series that we totally bought on a whim. A few years ago, we had a bit of extra money on our Wii’s Virtual Console […]

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Here’s Rachel! Today I have another game review. This game is part of a spin-off series that I absolutely love. Enjoy! Title: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Company: Nintendo Console: 3DS How I got the game: I bought it My Review: I love all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The newer ones just keep getting better and better. […]