Would You Rather: Gamecube Edition

Would You Rather: Gamecube Editon | Nintendo | Video Games | Gaming | DoublexJump.com

It’s time for another rousing edition of “Would You Rather!” This time around, our questions are focusing on one of our favorite eras of Nintendo gaming, the GameCube. To kick things off, Rachel, would you rather have a GameCube with a memory card that only has room for your top three GameCube games or a memory card that has ten random games?

Right off the bat we’re starting off with a fairly difficult question… I think I would rather have ten random games. I honestly played a ton of Gamecube games and while I do have a top three list of my favorites, I enjoyed the console as a whole and wouldn’t mind playing a nice variety of them. Kris, would you rather have the Gamecube be the last console Nintendo ever made or have them never had made the Gamecube in the first place?

Oh, shit. What an unfair question! I think… I would rather the GameCube not exist. I love the GameCube’s library, but I think I would definitely miss games from the later consoles more. Alright, if you could only have one of the following two series that started on the GameCube, which would it be — Animal Crossing or Luigi’s Mansion?

Hm… that’s a tough one. I think I would have to go with Animal Crossing. I like story-based games but there’s more to do in Animal Crossing. I mean, the game would last longer for me. Kris, out of all the multiplayer games we have for the Gamecube and have played together, would you rather have only multiplayer games (Four Swords Adventures, Mario Party, etc.) and no single player (Twilight Princess, Starfox Adventures, etc.) or vice versa?

Considering the fun we’ve had with multiplayer games on the GameCube, I would choose those. The single player games were great but the ones I really cared about — such as the Legend of Zelda titles — do get ported later, so I’ll cut my losses with those, haha! Rachel, would you rather have to play future Nintendo games using the GameCube controllers or have the GameCube controllers not exist (such as still using N64 controllers or the Wii controllers for the GameCube console)?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Ah, that’s an easy one. I would prefer to use the Gamecube controllers for everything. I have baby hands so, aside from the Joy-Con, the Gamecube controllers seem the most “fitting” for me. The Wii controllers weren’t too bad, but definitely were an interesting shape. Last question Kris, would you rather do without the memory cards and have the games save right onto the disc or console or have to use those memory cards and keep buying more for all the Nintendo consoles?

Hmm, I don’t mind the memory cards. Sure, they’re kind of annoying to keep track of, but they do save space, both physically and digitally when it comes to save files for games. That was a fun “Would You Rather,” and I like that we had more technical questions rather than focusing on just the games, haha!

What are your answers to these questions? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Top Tuesday: iPad Games To Try

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

As you may already know, I’ve been playing some iPad games lately do mobile game reviews on the blog. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of iPad games and made a list that I want to and will be trying.

Top Tuesday: iPad Games To Try | Mobile Games | Video Games | Gaming | DoublexJump.com

Tycoon Games

Business tycoon games such as Game Dev and Roller Coaster Tycoon are, surprisingly, on mobile. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because they’re popular games and mobile games are… well, popular. I enjoy simulation games and plan on making my way through the various tycoon and simulation type games.

The Sims

So… The Sims Free Play is a thing. I used to play it in college on Facebook. But there’s also the actual Sims on mobile. I have it downloaded and have yet to try it out. I’m slightly afraid to.

Pokemon Games

Do you know how many Pokemon games there are out on mobile? I didn’t. There are a ton and I plan on playing every single one of them.

Random Games I Find

You know those mindless games like Angry Birds or Flappy Bird that take the world by storm? If I happen to come across any games as such that tickle my fancy, I’ll give those a try. I’ve tried plenty of .io games that have suckered me in so I’m sure I’ll talk about those at some point – maybe not individually, but as a whole.

This whole mobile games ride is going to be interesting for sure. My iPad and storage… I’m ready though! The first mini review will come in March.

Do you play mobile games? If so, let me know which are your favorites and I’ll look into them. Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Game Ratings and Content Warnings

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

Despite the backlog of games that we have, we’re always on the lookout for new (to us) and interesting games. One such game that we’ve recently found was a bit confusing with its rating…


There’s a newer game available on the Nintendo Switch called Cinders, a visual novel that was originally published in 2012, then put on Steam in 2014. It’s a retelling of the popular Cinderella fairy tale, one that was rated M on the Nintendo eShop.

I’ve never heard of this game before. We enjoy point-and-click visual novel games, especially ones with multiple endings such as Cinders, but we generally are not interested in games rated M, mostly due to gore and sensitive topics. I’m interested in this game, but wasn’t able to find the reason as to why it’s rated M.

Since I started this post, apparently Nintendo corrected the rating of the game to T, which makes more sense to me.

Due to trying to figure out the game’s rating, I have spoiled a little bit of the story and possible choices for myself. It’s pretty much on par for whenever Rachel and I get our curiosities piqued by a game that’s rated higher than what we usually go for. Generally, our games are rated for everyone or teen, and we don’t have too many games rated higher than that.

It reminds me of a time that Rachel and I started watching a play through of Doki Doki Literature Club from one of our favorite YouTubers, ProJared. Like the game itself, the play through started out lighthearted enough, and Rachel and I figured that the game couldn’t be too bad. However, on the third or so episode of the play through series, ProJared took the time to reiterate that the game was supposed to have some strange, possibly disturbing themes — he was doing a blind play through, so he wasn’t positive what the exact themes would be — which prompted us to pause the video and spoil it for ourselves.

We’re glad we did, as the themes were disturbing and potentially triggering. While we’re not fond of too much gore when it comes to rated M games, we do our research to ensure that any other content wouldn’t bother us as well. It’s something that we want to be conscious of when we do games for reviews and on our Twitch channel.

I can admire horror games and psychological thrillers for their writing and setting the scene, if you will, but with how important mental health is nowadays, having the correct ratings and content warnings is a must.

How important are game ratings and content warnings to you? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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The Legend Of Zelda Dungeons Vs. Divine Beasts [Debate]

Debate: Divine Beasts Vs Dungeons | The Legend of Zelda | Nintendo | Video Games | Gaming | DoublexJump.com

There was some controversy regarding the Divine Beasts — and, I suppose, the shrines — in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild replacing the traditional dungeons. Many fans of the franchise miss the traditional dungeons and, I’ll admit, it was a bit jarring to me as well to have the Divine Beasts instead. I’m probably in the minority here when I say that I wouldn’t mind if Divine Beasts, or mini-dungeons, were featured in future Zelda games instead of the traditional dungeons.

I did enjoy the Divine Beasts and the Shrines. It was a nice change of pace. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the dungeons or temples in the other Legend of Zelda games. There aren’t nearly as many dungeons in the games as there are shrines, but they’re all unique from one another and can take some time to complete. There’s a lot of exploring involved and once you get to the end, it’s satisfying.

It can be satisfying to explore and complete the Divine Beasts as well. The Divine Beasts are, essentially, a big puzzle with a boss at the end. They’re the reward after exploring the main area of the over world and, unlike the traditional dungeons, you have more freedom of how to complete them. Traditional dungeons tend to have the obligatory dungeon item, no matter how awesome they are, while Divine Beasts give you more rein on how to defeat them.

True, though while you have more freedom, they’re usually smaller. There are a lot of shrines and, after completing a bunch of them, you start to repeat some ways to go through them. You get a new item in each dungeon while you only have the Sheikah Slate to get through all the shrines. Also, each dungeon has an awesome boss at the end while the Divine Beasts had a different form of the same boss. Plus, there’s only four of them. In other Zelda games, there’s usually about seven give or take.

I disagree that you “only” have the Sheikah Slate in order to help you get through the Divine Beasts and the shrines. You do also get plenty of different types of weapons — swords, clubs, axes, various arrows, the paraglider — to help you navigate the Divine Beasts and shrines, as well as the abilities compacted into the Sheikah Slate. It’s an extra challenge that the weapons and shields break as well. Having four Divine Beasts and over a hundred shrines, most with unique puzzles with multiple ways to solve them, makes up for the seven or so traditional dungeons.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Fair enough, but because the weapons break so often it’s harder to hold onto your resources if you have trouble at a certain spot. Also, I like quality over quantity. I enjoyed going searching for the shrines and all, but again, I like the variety of the dungeons. The Divine Beasts were the same except they were different shapes. The puzzles are cool, but there are no stakes. There are no enemies to really get through or anything. You just wander around until you figure it out. There’s a lot more to do in the dungeons.

Being able to have all sorts of different weapons, abilities, and ways to complete a Divine Beast — or shrine — gives you more replayability. The Divine Beasts did have some enemies, and the stakes were the Champion’s ability that you gained after defeating whatever Ganon-Blight was at the end of it as well as helping you against Calamity Ganon in the final match. Not only that, you can explore the Divine Beasts and the world in whatever order you want. It’s not linear like traditional dungeons, giving you more freedom and ways to explore and go through the story however you want.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I see your points, but I still think the dungeons are better than the Divine Beasts, as clever as they were. I guess we’ll let the readers decide this one.

Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Double Jump Bakes 8-Bit Heart Sugar Cookies


We haven’t done any Double Jump Bakes posts in quite some time. In all honesty, the last time we did one of these kind of posts was back last summer with a Super Mario Star Cake and some coffee and tea inspired by Pokemon.

This month we’re back with a simple enough sugar cookie recipe. Like, really simple. Instead of making the cookies from scratch, we picked up a couple of pouches of mixes. And even then we had a few difficulties:


After running out to the store again, we were able to make the cookies. We chose simple sugar cookies mainly to use one of our new cookie cutters. From Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies baking line is a cutter in the shape of an 8-bit heart. We got about a dozen sugar cookies out of the dough and we tried a couple of different decorating ideas.

We had some leftover cookie icing which… did not settle as well as we would have liked. Indeed, the heart I tried to outline looked like it was bleeding or that darkness was taking over it (is that what happens in the Kingdom Hearts series?). Eventually, we frosted a few and used red sprinkles.

They didn’t come out too bad, all things considered! At the very least, there aren’t too many cookies left since we baked them, so they must taste pretty good!

What do you think of our cookies? Have you made any game-related baked goods? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Friday Favorites: Fire Emblem Three Houses Wish List

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

The Nintendo Direct was just a couple of days ago and it showed off a bit of the newest Fire Emblem games that’s going to come out, Three Houses. As mentioned in Rachel’s and my joint reactions post, I’m still optimistic for the game if a little confused as to how the game was portrayed. Here is my wish list for the upcoming game.


Voice Acting like Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is not my favorite Fire Emblem game. Compared to the others that I’ve played, it’s probably at the bottom of my list. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the graphics and music, and thought that the voice acting was phenomenal. If Three Houses has voice acting at all, I hope it does it half as well as Echoes did.

Some MC Customization

This is me being a little annoyed. I don’t need extensive customization for our MC. Rather, I would like to be able to play as the female MC with the male MC’s armor, or give her more professional and sensible clothes. Seriously, our character is supposed to be a professor (and, I presume, fighting in battles) — why is the female’s belly button showing? It’s like Astral Chain, where the male cop has protective pants and the female has… shorts and thigh highs. Wtf.

No Kids

I didn’t mind the matchmaking in Awakening and Fates. In fact, I enjoyed seeing how different characters paired up and interacted in different playthroughs, and support conversations are one of my favorite aspects of Fire Emblem games. The kid mechanic in Awakening made sense with the storyline, but Fates definitely didn’t need the kid characters. They felt forced in a trio of games that already had an influx of characters.

No Gender Restricted Pairings

If there is a marriage mechanic, I think it’s time to lose the gender restrictions. In previous Fire Emblem games, there have only been one gay option for either gender, and more representation is deserved. On a related note, if there is some sort of marriage mechanic, I sincerely hope there are no teacher and student relationships, for obvious reasons.

Are you looking forward to Fire Emblem: Three Houses? What are you looking forward to in the game? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Video Game Crushes

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday & Valentine’s Day!

I normally don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day. It’s not too much of a fancy holiday for me. However, I thought I’d talk about some video game characters I just absolutely love.

Video Game Crushes | Gaming | Valentine's Day | Video Game Characters | DoublexJump.com

Fang (Animal Crossing)

It’s no secret that my biggest video game crush is Fang from Animal Crossing. I think he has one of the better personalities in that game even though he seems angry all the time. I don’t know what drew me to him originally, but he’s a wolf and I really enjoyed his design. For some reason, I developed a crush on him when I was younger.

Alfyn (Octopath Traveler)

Another character who I absolutely adorn is Alfyn from Octopath Traveler. He’s definitely high on the list. He’s a respectable character and is such a big brother of the entire group of characters even though he’s one of the younger ones. He has a great character design and his voice acting is amazing. Plus, he uses words like “shucks” and “egads.” Who can argue with that?


I mean… I can’t not add Luigi to this list. He gets a lot of crap from people but he and I are a lot a like. We’re both afraid of ghosts and yet we’re oddly fascinated by them all the same. The Mario games don’t have much growth to them when it comes to their characters. Neither does Luigi’s Mansion, but the fact that Luigi’s Mansion even exists, says a lot about Luigi’s character development, in my opinion.

Honestly, I’m sure there are way more other video game characters that I have a crush on. I just can’t think of them at the top of my head at the moment. But the characters I listed are definitely my top three… and one of them is a wolf… at this point in my life, I don’t have high standards, guys.

Which video game character(s) do you crush on? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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