Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo now has VR with their Labo kits, released earlier last month with a few family-friendly Toy-Con to go with it. Thanks to more recent patches, the VR works with Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild right now, and I’m not sure if other games will eventually be compatible […]

Ready Player One Trailer

Happy Monday! What are you most looking forward to next year? Can you believe that Christmas is in a week? I’m not sure if I’m ready! I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays! A long time ago on this blog, I did a book review for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. I had heard […]

Friday Favorites: Video Game Novels

Books are another love of Rachel’s and mine, and some of my favorites tend to include video games or virtual reality settings as a main focus. They’re the best of both worlds! This Friday, I thought I would share some of my favorite books that include video games. Ready Player One Ready Player One was […]

Windows Mixed Reality

As a kid, joining the heroes in my video games was a mere dream. Those dreams cultivated my love of writing, my creativity, but we now have virtual reality video games to bring us a step closer. While there are already a few VR systems out there, there is another that is joining the party. […]

Dream Harry Potter Game

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, guess what? It’s Harry’s birthday today! Besides gaming, I’m also a big reader, and the Harry Potter series is a favorite of mine. There’s a television channel called Freeform that never needs a big excuse to run a Harry Potter movie marathon. It tends to play at our house […]

Mario Kart in Virtual Reality

Mario Kart is such a classic franchise, spanning from the Super Nintendo Entertainment all the way to the Switch port. The rosters have evolved from simply choosing between eight characters to deciding the driver, the kart, the wheels, the glider. Now there seems to be another way to play the game… There is a virtual […]

Video Game Novels

And it’s another week… How’s everyone doing on this fine Monday? Rachel and I pretty much want to be done with our day jobs, haha! We would love to spend our days gaming, reading, and writing. And when you can combine all your favorite hobbies into one? It’s the best!   Remember when you were […]

VR Pitfalls

Happy Monday, folks! Talking again about virtual reality, this post is mainly about my reservations about this section of the video game market. Virtual reality is amazing, but there is definitely room for improvement… Google has joined the smart phone race with their new Pixel phone. I think it looks pretty good, and I’m not […]

Virtually Endless Possibilities

See what I did in the title there? I’m very punny. Virtual reality video games are rising on the market, and imagining what beloved franchises can do with the technology is amazing. What kind of games do you hope for on the virtual reality market?   The other day I found a video showing off Minecraft […]

Virtual Reality

So, there’s this thing called a Vive… Developed by the company HTC and Valve, the Vive is a virtual reality video game console, allowing you to play games completely immersed. Have you gotten the chance to try out virtual reality yet? Virtual reality is more of a reality nowadays than it ever has been before. […]