Would You Rather: The Legend Of Zelda Edition

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Being Zelda month, we thought we’d do another round of Would You Rather while focusing on the amazing franchise. We did a Breath of the Wild version back in April 2017 for that particular installment, so the questions this time around will encompass the series as a whole. To get it started, Rachel, would you rather be only able to play the Legend of Zelda games on a home console or on a handheld like the 3DS?

I like that you started me off with an easy question. I’d rather play home console. The majority of the games are for the home consoles and while the handheld games are great (I mean, they all are), I’d rather be able to play the majority of the series. In fact, I’ve only ever played one handheld Zelda game. The rest were consoles. Kris, would you rather travel with Link on his journey (like Navi) or aid Zelda on her side (like Impa)?

While both Zelda and Impa can be badass, I think I would rather travel with Link and explore all of Hyrule, despite the obvious danger if it’s a time when Ganondorf — or whoever is trying to take it over at the time — is climbing to power. Rachel, would you rather live in the waterlogged Hyrule during the Wind Waker game or be a citizen of Skyloft with your own Loftwing?

That’s a tough one. I love swimming and such but I think I’d prefer Skyloft. Despite not liking heights, I’d probably be used to it. Plus, I just want my own Loftwing. If you could choose only one companion, would you rather have Navi or Fi?

While I actually don’t mind either companion, I think I would go with Fi. She comes with the Master Sword, after all, haha! Would you rather have the powers that come with the masks from Majora’s Mask or be able to warp and travel to different places around the country with the power of the ocarina?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Ocarina, definitely. I wouldn’t want to try on any of those masks! And finally, would you rather be one of the seven sages or one of the goddesses?

That’s… a tough question. One one hand, the seven sages helped Link in Ocarina against Ganondorf, but the goddesses would theoretically be watching over every part of the timeline… I think one of the sages. I wouldn’t mind being the Sage of the Shadow Temple or Sage of the Spirit Temple. These were some great questions! Looking forward to the next round!

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