Take My Star — Yungtown

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As you may have noticed, we’re really enjoying Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch and this month’s music reflects that.

We’ve showcased Yungtown on here before with Settle It in Smash. This time around we’re showing his Mario Party game rap “Take My Star.” It’s a catchy song, with Rachel and I occasionally bursting out into the chorus while playing Mario Party.

While Yungtown hasn’t uploaded on YouTube in a while, his music is enjoyable on that platform, iTunes,  and Spotify. He does stream on Twitch as well, if you wanted to check him out there. Either way, we hope you enjoy “Take My Star!”

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Settle It in Smash – Yungtown and Garrett Williamson

To continue to celebrate some of our favorite gamers on YouTube, this month’s music video is a Super Smash Bros. tribute called, “Settle It in Smash.”

This energetic song was written and performed by Luke Sizemore, also known as Yungtown, and Garrett Williamson. The video was uploaded three years ago, but it is still one of our favorites to jam to! The video below was uploaded by Yungtown, while Garrett also has a version on his channel.

We hope you guys enjoy the song as much as we have!

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“Open Your Eyes,” Breath of the Wild Music Video

Everyone’s hyped for Breath of the Wild for the Switch, right? We are as well, and now we’re even more so thanks to a trio of very talented YouTubers.

Garrett Williamson, Austin Hargrave (also known as PeanutButterGamer), Yungtown, and an awesome crew crafted an amazing tribute song to the new Legend of Zelda game. They have been working on this tribute since last October, and the sheer amount of creativity and work that went into the video shows!

We hope that you enjoy the video and music as much as we did! If you do, consider helping them out and giving the video a like! If you’re interested in buying the song, the description for the video gives you a link to do so. Enjoy the music!