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First of all, congratulations to all of the games and teams that were nominated and won awards in The Game Awards this past Thursday! We watched most of it live Thursday night then finished it up Friday morning. It was a good show, even if we weren’t as enthusiastic about it as we were last year, mainly due to the two of the three biggest games — God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man — all being exclusive on the Playstation 4. We don’t have the Playstation 4. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is also on the Xbox One as well as PS4, it wasn’t something that piqued our interest, despite how much it won in the awards.

The overall show was pretty great. I enjoyed the orchestra and all the performers. I also enjoyed a good amount of the world premieres. However, I’ll admit, a lot of them are rated M or too intense for me to actually play. Still, the presentation of it all was well done.

The orchestra was fantastic! Aside from the musical performances, I also enjoyed the Gaming Icon sequence as well as the Global Gaming Citizens profiles. Those three stories were wonderful and definitely deserved to be shared.

Yes, for sure! It’s always great to hear about people making such a difference and it’s a wonder we haven’t heard about them before. But the diversity was also great. Gaming truly is for everyone.

I just kind of wish there had been more diversity in the nominations for all the categories. I’ve only heard good things about Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and Spider-Man, and I have nothing against them, but I feel as if there were plenty of more games that deserved some sort of recognition. I also wonder what time frame the Game Awards uses for their nominations, as Smash Bros. Ultimate surely would have been in at least the Fighting game or Multiplayer categories if The Game Awards happened later this month or even in January.

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I agree. I wasn’t as excited about it this year because I felt as though there was no variety to the games. The same games were nominated for various categories. Even though I don’t know much about Red Dead Redemption 2, I’m happy they won three awards. I’m sure they surely deserve it. I just wish other games had more of a shot as well for the categories.

By the sounds of it, we didn’t watch the Game Awards for the games itself. We watched it mainly for the orchestra, the Global Gaming Citizens and Gaming Icon profile, and so we knew what people were talking about on Twitter. Still, it was a good show and many of the speeches were heartfelt and nice to hear.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Right, the show itself was good and the presentations were nice to see along with the profiles and music. I do hope there’s more of a variety in the game choices for next year though. I’m a biased Nintendo girl, but I hope to see more from them next year as well.

What did you think of the Game Awards this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I mostly felt it was cringe worthy and at over three hours of show (including the pre-show) it was far too long. I get that people want to see the reveals and I’m certainly not against them but I also want to see the games get their due, I mean the show is called The Game Awards. Giving out nine awards on stage over the course of the show and the rest in quick 60 second bursts from the side strikes me the wrong way.

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