The Return of the NES Classic

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!
We had a pretty chill weekend, with Rachel and me going out of town with a friend. Filled with movies, books, and video games, we had a good time. We went to a place that Rachel and I have been going with the family for ages, a nice house in the mountains filled with nostalgia. Nostalgia is what I thought I would feel when thinking of the NES Classic, but now that we have a second chance to get one, I’m not so sure about it…
The NES Classic (along with the SNES Classic) is supposed to return to stores in about a month, on June 29th. When I first heard about the news that the NES Classic was going to be a thing, I thought it was a great idea. Plenty of gamers love their old favorites and the nostalgia that was sure to come with the mini version of the console made it popular.
Too popular, if there was such a thing. Scalpers overtook the stock NES Classic and the consoles were out of stock within minutes of hitting Amazon or store shelves, only to be resold on eBay for thrice the original price. Rachel and I were disappointed, of course. I remember having the NES as a kid (and, honestly, we still have our original one packed away), but I myself never played too many of the games. I played mainly on the SNES when we had gotten that. Rachel herself wasn’t born when the NES came out, so it would have been great to see her get to experience some of the NES games.
With that said, though… I don’t really remember the games of the NES. Our disappointment didn’t last too long considering we never had too much of a tie with the original NES as kids. I imagine the nostalgia would be much stronger with gamers who had grown up with it.
Seeing the news that the NES Classic would be returning, I found myself finding it nice but… I’m not really as interested as I was back when it was first announced. If we get an NES Classic, it’ll be cool, but it’s not something that’s on my wish list anymore. I just hope that scalpers don’t ruin this batch for those who truly want the NES Classic and hadn’t gotten the chance to get them before!

Are you planning on trying to get the NES Classic this time around? If you already have it, what do you think of it?

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  1. I already have it and I think it’s awesome! I am planning on getting the SNES classic soon as well.
    I actually had no idea it was going to return. That’s great for those who did not have the opportunity to get it the first time around and awful for scalpers. So it’s quite nice! =D

    • We have the SNES Classic, which we enjoy. That was more the console that we had growing up when we really started getting into video games. There are a few games on the NES Classic that we wouldn’t mind trying, but most of the games on there we have in another form (such as the Super Mario world games) or can’t imagine begin too interested.
      I’m glad you enjoy the NES Classic, though, and I hope you are able to get the SNES Classic without too much trouble this time around!

      • Same here, the SNES was the console I had when I was growing up! Those were some great times.
        I can see why you are not that interested in getting a NES Classic then. It’s a fair reason.

        • Pretty sure we’re still going to try to get the NES Classic for our collection, though. It’d be nice to see it sitting there next to the SNES Classic! 🙂

  2. I would like to get one I see them all the time but there too expensive at the moment but would love to play the classics again.

    • Here’s hoping you’ll be able to get an NES Classic at the original price at the end of the month. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it if you’re able to get it!

  3. I’m going to try. LOL! Well there’s still SNES Classics still coming into stores so I think that supply won’t be an issue this time. I’m just going to hack and put some more games on it (Turtles) LOL! What has really been heavy in the rumor mill however is the N64 Classic.

    • I would love it if Turtles in Time was on there, lol! That is such a good game!
      Yes, we’ve heard that an N64 Classic may be a thing as well… Perhaps all these classic editions are partly why Nintendo isn’t planning on giving the Switch a Virtual Console anytime soon…

      • I’m sure that’s one reason. Nintendo probably has something up their sleeve. But it would be nice if their mini consoles had Wi-Fi to buy games through. Nintendo could be making a killing if they did that.

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