Things I Shout When Playing Super Mario 64

It’s a-me! Rachel!Rachel Mii Double Jump
If you missed it, Kris and I reviewed Super Mario 64 yesterday. We re-played the game, getting all 120 stars–something we’ve never done before.
If you remember playing this game, you know that Mario can be somewhat difficult to control at times. He can only jump sometimes, he slips and slides around, some of the levels are difficult. With that being said, I get frustrated with Mario quite easily.

  • Jump, Mario, jump!
  • Stop sliding!
  • No, don’t fall off the cliff!
  • MARIO!!!
  • You’re Jumpman! So why don’t you know how to jump??
  • Why can’t you just run in a straight line…?
  • Get the coin. It’s right in front of you.
  • Stop running into Bowser and grab his tail!
  • (When Mario catches on fire) You’re fine! Walk it off!
  • Mario… What are you doing??
  • Why do you hate me…?
  • Mario, JUMP!

There are plenty of other things I shout at Mario while playing the game. Considering it mostly contains swears, I decided not to include them for your sake.

What game(s) cause you to shout at the TV?

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  1. Super MArio GAlaxy, I mumble and yell no when I die. Lol:)

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