Thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon's Final Starter Forms

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
Not too long ago, the final evolution forms for Pokemon’s Sun and Moon starters were revealed. I’m always excited tto see the final evolutions, but I have to admit, I was shocked this time around.
I’m not typically one to nit-pick the designs of Pokemon. I love each and every one of them, whether most people think they look ridiculous or not.
Pokemon Sun and Moon DecidueyeFirst up, there’s Decidueye. I definitely think his final form looks pretty cool. He looks tough, yet wise, as owls as usually pegged.
I definitely think his final form looks pretty cool. He looks tough, yet wise, as owls as usually pegged. I especially like that his wings look like a cape which I’m sure will look awesome while he flies.
Decidueye’s final type is Grass/Ghost, which I definitely found interesting. We have a limited amount of Pokemon with this type match-up, but I like how they gave it to a starter. Because, to be honest, I assumed he would be a Grass/Flying type.
Pokemon Sun and Moon IncineroarNext, there’s Incineroar. Here’s where I was taken a little back by the design.
My first thought when I saw this Pokemon was, this is Tony the Tiger in his mega evolution form.
Litten looks so spunky and adorable and grows into Torracat, who looks like a teenage version of Litten. Incineroar looks like he made the wrong choices in his teenage years and grew into an angry guy.
Don’t get me wrong, this won’t influence my choice of getting Litten first, and I’m sure Incineroar is going to be a beast of a Pokemon. I also like the fact that he’s Fire/Dark as opposed to Fire/Fighting. Then again, his design looks as though he should be Fighting.
Pokemon Sun and Moon PrimarinaFinally, we have Primarina. I’m sure people who were making fun of Popplio’s design aren’t laughing anymore.
Primarina looks like a majestic mermaid, yet I can see a slight smirk on her face. She’s definitely going to be a tough one.
Primarina is Water/Fairy, which isn’t that uncommon anymore since Fairy became a type. I feel like we have a lot of Water/Fairy types, but we’ve never had a starter become a Fairy. Then again, I’m not too picky on the types.
This final form definitely looks like it’s going to be cool to battle with!
I’m happy with all the final evolutions, types, battle moves, and even the designs, despite what this post was about.
I was only taken aback by Incineroar’s design because the three stages usually go from kid to teenager to adult. I felt as though that wasn’t the case for Litten. Something happened in his teenagehood that caused him to stand on two legs and look like a tough guy.
Then again, we have Solgaleo as one of our legendaries. Maybe they didn’t want them to be too similar? I don’t know.
For the most part, I’m happy with the final evolutions and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game!
What was your reaction to the final forms? Which will you choose as your starter?

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  1. I am not a big fan of Incineroar at all, but the other two are awesome. Primarina in particular surprised me as its other forms were not that appealing.
    I think I will take Rowlet as my starter. Decidueye’s combination of grass and ghost is definitely interesting and I want to give it a shot.

  2. I love the typings for the final forms. I didn’t expect any of them. I’m still sticking with Rowlet, so Decidueye it is! I’m excited for its Ghost typing as you said, since that wasn’t expected at all. Incineroar’s Dark typing surprises me a lot. It definitely could have been a Fighting type, and that would fit with its wrestler motif. But they chose Dark, and I appreciate that break away from the norm. Finally, Primarina’s final evolution is wonderful! I had a feeling Popplio would become something beautiful, and I’m glad it gets the Fairy typing to go with its fairness. They all look pretty good to me, and it’d be difficult to choose between them if I weren’t already set on Rowlet!

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