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I can’t believe February is just about over. Since I’ll be starting mobile reviews next month, I decided to talk about a mobile game I used to play all the time.
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Dragonvale is an IOS and Android game that was released by Backflip Studios in September 2011 for IOS. I had gotten my first iPad in May 2015 as a graduation present. I had downloaded a fair share of social media apps, WordPress and other “work” type apps, plus writing apps. I also wanted to look at the games because – let’s face it – that’s what everyone did on their phones and tablets at that point.
Not that the technology was new, but it was new enough. It was especially new to me.
I had found Dragonvale by accident. I was just scrolling through the games and when I saw dragons and how you can breed, hatch, and collect all these different dragons, I thought, sure. Why not?
Thus, a can of worms was opened. Normally, when I download a game on my iPad, I play it for about a week or two, get bored, and then delete it. Dragonvale was different. I played this game for quite a few years before I lost interest in it and deleted the game.
It was fun – being able to buy habitats and collecting dragons of various kinds and elements. The game was only four-years-old when I got it and there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than collect the dragons. However, they were always updating, changing, and adding things to the game. I watched the game grow and continued to play feeding off their additions. New dragon elements were added as were dragon races, a special material dragon for the nests when hatching, a guardian, gem dragons (dragons that make gems instead of money), and so much more.
It completely sucked me in.
When I was searching for games to play for my mobile reviews, I came across it again. I downloaded the game to check out where I left off and how different the game was since I had last played a couple years ago. I was level 74 and now, after playing it again for about a month, I’m almost level 80. I’ve been suckered in again.
I also found a newer version of Dragonvale by the same company and had downloaded that as well. I’ve been playing both and plan on doing a mini review of both as well as comparing the two to each other.
Dragonvale itself isn’t that great of a game, but I do love collecting this and I remember getting my friends and cousins involved with the game as well so we could send each other gems. It does, oddly enough, hold some fun memories.

Have you ever played Dragonvale? Are there any mobile games that sucked you in? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. I have not played Dragonvale, but can relate to a mobile game having taken over my life for years at a time. Drop 7 is a puzzle game that came out not long after the app store first opened and I’ve been playing it on-and-off ever since. The Blitz mode in particular is great in short spurts.
    Despite having played it for about a decade now, Steff had a one-month binge with it not that long ago and she beat my all-time high score that I set years ago. I don’t think I’ll ever surpass her. That one stings almost as much as the “ZI” incident in Scrabble.

    1. Dragonvale is just kind of an okay game anyway, but it’ll always be special to me. I’ll have to look up Drop 7. I’m almost done with all the puzzles in my Picross app. I’ll need something new. Steff is amazing though, lol.

      1. Totally hear you on games with sentimental value 😉
        I never got into Picross. My brain doesn’t understand how to play it. Have you tried any of the Picross games on Switch?
        Also, can confirm that Steff is amazing <3

        1. Picross is totally confusing. I played the Pokemon version and have tried all sorts of them ever since. I don’t have any of them for the Switch, though their on my list.

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