Throwback Thursday: Playing Minecraft For The First Time

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Minecraft is a game people either love or hate. I enjoy watching others play the game and even though I’d love to try to get into it myself, there’s only one time I’ve ever actually tried the game myself.
Throwback Thursday: Playing Minecraft For The First Time | Video Games | Gaming | PC Games | Minecraft | TBT |
I have to be honest, I have no idea when this memory happened. Kris and I had decided to finally sit down and try to play Minecraft together. We were both in our bedroom – her on the desktop and myself sitting at my nightstand on the gaming laptop.
The game was fun as we knew it’d be. To this day, we still don’t know much about Minecraft – how to make what, how to summon and defeat bosses, etc.
We played in the same server as one another though we often got lost from each other. Kris died at one point and respawned in our original spot and had to find me again. The funny thing is, I don’t remember how she died.
We always joked at how if we ever played Minecraft I’d probably be in our “house” redecorating, crafting, and making things look pretty. Kris would be in the mines fighting enemies and doing the “dangerous” stuff. I mean, this is how it usually goes when we play games together.
Instead, it was the opposite.
I ended up digging holes into the mines and trying to find various ore. Kris managed to stay inside the house or go outside to gather other materials. She mostly explored and got distracted doing so.
Pretty opposite of what we’re usually like, huh?
That’s all I remember. We played for a few hours but didn’t get anything productive done – other than me mindlessly going through the mines, Kris dying and finding me again and also collecting wolves along the way. It was still a fun time though. We always say we’re going to start playing it again.
I’m not entirely sure why we haven’t yet though. There are too many games on our radar, I guess.

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