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No matter the game, there are usually timed challenges along the way. In classic Mario games, each level is timed, though it’s subtle. You don’t notice it until you have 99 seconds left and that well-known jingle plays. Some other games have smaller parts like when you push a button to open a door and you need to rush to it before it closes again. Of course, there are also speedruns that people try out as well. Where do you stand on timed challenges, Kris?

I dislike them. I mean, if it’s a small challenge in an otherwise not-timed level, that’s fine. Even the Super Mario levels for those classic games, the time didn’t bother me since they’re so generous. However, games that always have that timer ticking down tend to bother me. What about you?

It definitely depends on the game for me. However, I get stressed easily and feel the pressure. Games like Mario don’t bother me too much because, as you said, the time is generous and it’s not in your face. With quick things here and there – like the door I mentioned – make me hold my breath but are okay. The first time I had to run from Tubba Blubba in Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, really freaked me out. It’s not bad now, but then I didn’t know what to expect. Technically, that’s not even really on a timer, but it’s a chase scene so it’s kind of is timed in a way.

Chase scenes always ramped up the pressure, haha! To me, I always liked the freedom and exploration aspect of video games. It’s one reason why I prefer, say, Breath of the Wild over Majora’s Mask in the Legend of Zelda franchise, for example. I disliked the three-day limit to Majora’s Mask and much preferred the open concept of Breath of the Wild, and even Ocarina of Time, when it came to saving Hyrule.

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Ah, yes. Majora’s Mask. Someday I will play and beat that game. But I know, the three-day time limit makes me sweat just thinking about it. For a gamer like me who can’t think quick on her feet, having an entire game be timed isn’t exactly ideal. I want to be able to explore the world and take my time as well. Though, it definitely works with Majora’s Mask. It’s supposed to be a darker game and there’s no taking your time when the world is about to end.

Oh, absolutely, the mechanics definitely work for Majora’s Mask. It’s just not my cup of tea. On the flipside, many mobile games — especially free-to-start games — put a time limit on certain events or make you wait to gain more energy before you can continue the game. What do you think of those?

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Oh, that’s just annoying. Especially since I’m doing mobile reviews now, it really makes it hard to get the game started. You’re already level one and can’t do much so when you have to wait – even if it’s just 30 seconds or a minute or something – it’s annoying because the game is so stop-and-go.

I agree those are a bit annoying, too. I understand having some in-game purchases to help the game along but, when it comes to the stop-and-go aspects of the game, I almost wish we could just purchase the game outright. All in all, I could probably do without most timed challenges in video games!

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