Top 5 Multiplayer Games

Rachel Mii Double JumpHey everyone!
There are a lot of games out there that are definitely more fun to play with others rather than playing alone.
The games I mentioned in my favorite games to play with friends post, here are five games I enjoy playing in multiplayer mode!
5. Skylanders
This game is definitely playable alone, but I do enjoy playing with other people. I like being able to use more Skylanders at once. You can see more of the powers they have, level each Skylander up faster, and it’s always fun to have a sidekick by your side in a level.
4. Donkey Kong Country
Whether you’re playing the old SNES DK game or you’re playing the new Wii U version, this game is so much better with friends. I find it more fun to run through each level with DK and Diddy running separately with each player rather than together with just one player controlling them.
3. Yoshi’s Woolly World
This game is too cute not to play with friends. End of story.
2. Super Mario Bros.
Like Donkey Kong, this game is a lot more fun no matter which version you’re playing. Though I have to admit that the newer Wii U versions seem to be easier with more people playing. You can explore more of the level in less time and there are certain levels that I feel would be hard to beat without the help of another player.
1. Just Dance
Who wants to have a dance party by themselves? You just look like an idiot if you’re dancing alone. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to laugh at your friends when they in fact can’t dance.
What are some of your favorite multiplayer games?

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  1. That’d be TAGAP 2 where two penguins have to save the world from its destruction and fight zombie penguins 🙂

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