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When I was a kid, I didn’t play video games on a console. At least, not until I got a little older. I played a lot of simple games on the computer. Here are just a few.
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Petz (Dogz & Catz)

Let’s be real – if there’s a pet simulator out there, you bet I’ve played it. Petz was a series that had five installments. It was always Dogz. Catz wasn’t introduced until the fourth installment, I believe. These games were as it sounds – you adopted a dog or cat (as many as you’d like), play with them, give them baths, feed them, and breed them and take care of the puppies and kittens. You could name them and dress them and it was so much fun. You couldn’t take them on walks, but you could take them to other places to play mini-games where you could win toys for them or something.
What was really special about this game to me was that there were different rooms to the house. If you wanted to feed them, you needed to bring them into the kitchen and open the fridge to get their food or a bottle, if they were a puppy or kitten. Using the cursor, you picked up the bottle and feed the pets until they were done or the bottle was gone. It was small touches like that that made the game unique.
I believe we still have this game in our office. If only we had a computer old enough, I would totally play it again.

Arthur’s Computer Adventure

I was recently reminded of this game. This was a gem, even though it was buried deep into my memory. In fact, I don’t remember too much of this one. Arthur plays too many computer games and you play the computer game he’s addicted to. It’s some underwater adventure, that’s all I can recall. It’s on Amazon and the cover may seem familiar to some of you. It brought back some nostalgia for me… I just can’t remember the actual gameplay.

Disney’s Activity Center

We had quite a few of these. Although I have to admit, I can’t remember which ones we had exactly. I know we had The Lion King and I believe 102 Dalmations. We had a 101 Dalmantions game but I don’t think it was exactly “Disney’s Activity Center.” I couldn’t find it, but I believe it was a storybook type of CD-ROM with mini-games and the like.
I remember spending hours on these games. There were pictures to color, mini-games such as Timon catching bugs from Pumbaa, or playing a matching game in 101 Dalmations trying to match the dogs with their owners. They were short games, but they were games I played all the time, on a loop. I never got tired of these.

What are some of your favorite expansions for The Sims? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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