Top Tuesday: Favorite Floors In Luigi's Mansion 3

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is officially over a month old and I beat the game a while ago. I thought I’d talk about some of my favorite areas of the game. Be warned, if you have not completed the game this list may contain spoilers for you.
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Hotel Shops

Most hotels – at least the nice ones – have some sort of shopping experience for you. I’ve stayed at hotels with gift shops and it’s usually just one store. There was one hotel I stayed at where they had nothing. It was just a snack bar behind the main desk in the front lobby. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, there’s a floor dedicated to shopping. It looks more like the mall rather than a hotel, but I’ll take it.
The hotel shops were fun because there was a puzzle to solve for each store. While the puzzles were extremely easy, I found it to be a fun addition to the game.

RIP Suites

Aside from the clever naming, I loved the fifth floor of this hotel. The suites are just as it sounds. It’s a regular hotel with rooms lining the hallways. Aside from the beginning of the game, not much happens on this floor. But I enjoyed taking a peek into Mario’s room as well as Peach’s and E. Gadd’s. It showed a little more of their personalities. For example, Peach’s parasol was bent on the ground. I’d like to believe she put up a good fight before she was trapped inside a painting. Meanwhile, Mario’s room was a mess with pizza everywhere.

Paranormal Productions

It’s not often you come across a hotel with a movie set inside. Sure, it’s definitely a bit out of place, but this floor was so unique. The build-up to the boss fight actually had me stumped for a bit and the boss battle was Luigi starring in a movie hosted by the ghost. In fact, it’s actually optional to catch this ghost. I thought I had to and felt bad while doing so. He just wanted to make a movie.

Twisted Suites

This is another floor with rooms on it. For a large hotel, there are a small number of rooms. However, this was another one of my favorites because it’s twisted – just as the name says. The rooms are magician-themed and there’s even a stage on the floor for a magic show. There are three bosses for this floor and they cast tricks and spells on furniture and even on the rooms making the floor a maze. It’s a lot of fun.

The Dance Hall

This is the second to last floor of the mansion. There’s honestly not much to this floor other than the boss. But the ghosts dance and it’s fabulous. I could watch the ghosts dance on a loop listening to the Luigi’s Mansion theme remix on a loop. It’s great and I love it.

What are your favorite floors from Luigi’s Mansion 3? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. I’m not too far in to the game yet but Hotel Shops was the one that stood out to me so far. It’s a great multi-tier puzzle.

  2. Awesome choices! Castle MacFrights, Paranormal Productions, and The Spectral Catch are my favorites, but there are so many awesome floors you can’t really go wrong.

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