Top Tuesday: Favorite Games

rachmiiHey everyone! Rachel here.
For my first official post, I thought I would group together my top ten favorite video games!
That way you guys can get to know me a little better and see what kinds of games I’m into. So, without further ado…
Top Tuesday Video Games Double Jump
10. The Sims 4
The Sims is a life simulator game in which you can create anyone and control their life. You’re basically God which I think is fantastic. Your sims can buy a house, get a job, make friends, fall in love, get married, have children, have grandchildren, and then die. It’s the great circle of life.
I especially love the sims because I enjoy making myself and wish I could live in that world. I especially love building houses and making mansions. Also, it takes a sim 30 in-game hours to write a book and it sells right away. Wouldn’t that be nice?
9. Mario Kart Wii
I am the queen at Mario Kart Wii! No matter who I play against, I always win. I know winning isn’t everything, but… It really is. I’m a killer on Rainbow Road and Wario’s Gold Mine.
Mario Kart Wii is a mindless game, yet it’s so much fun especially when you’re playing with friends. Though, it can ruin friendships…
8. Batman: Arkham Asylum
This is probably one of the darkest games I’ve ever played. I’m sure you’ll figure that out just by looking at this list.
I love Batman. I think it’s awesome that’s he’s an ordinary guy who turned himself into a superhero without falling in a tub of toxic waste or anything crazy like that. He’s a vigilante too, no doubt which makes him so much cooler.
What I love most about this game is the controls. When you fight as Batman, he automatically locks onto the different targets so you just button-mash. I mean, is there really any other way to fight?
7. Luigi’s Mansion
I’ve always favored Luigi over Mario. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe it’s because Luigi is a little brother and I’m a little sister. Luigi is a sidekick and I’m sure if I went on an adventure, I would be sidekick and not the leader. If Mario and Luigi ever played video games together, I bet Mario was first player and Luigi was second player. See? Luigi and I have a lot in common.
I’ve always been afraid of the dark and afraid of ghosts, but it’s fun to embark on a journey as Luigi through a haunted mansion in an attempt to save Mario. The setting is cool and even the premise is pretty good. I mean, who doesn’t want to save the hero of the franchise? We have to mix it up sometimes.
6. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
I love mindless games and I also love collecting treasure and making money. If only I could fish and sell fruit all day every day and become rich in real life. How wonderful would that be?
I originally started playing Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. My sister got it for her birthday and I was the one who fell in the love with the game. My all-time favorite villager is Fang, a wolf. He is not in New Leaf, but that’s beside the point…
New Leaf is my favorite Animal Crossing game because I feel as though there’s more to do. Yes, the premise is still to make money and pay off your debt. But you’re not just trying to better your home. As mayor, you’re also trying to better the town.
Plus you have your own private island which, I must say, is a gold mine.
5. Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 is probably one of the best games ever invented. The different levels of the game is really what keeps it going.
It’s not like you play one level and then you’re done, either. Each level has seven different stars to get. Plus there are 12 hidden stars throughout the whole castle.
The world of Super Mario 64 is huge and seems endless, even though most of it is all just an illusion. Which I think is pretty cool.
4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Who doesn’t love the Legend of Zelda? I know most people absolutely love Majora’s Mask or Ocarina of Time the best, but there’s just something about Skyward Sword that I love even more.
I love having the knowledge of what the world used to be like before Hyrule became a place. The “love” story between Link and Zelda is too adorable to pass up. The characters all had great development (especially Groose), the puzzles were fun, the graphics were beautiful. Throughout playing I laughed, I cried, I overall just had a great time playing the game.
3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations
Trials and Tribulations is the third game of the main Ace Attorney series. Yet, my sister and I didn’t know that when we discovered the game. Not realizing it was the third in a series, we played this one first. And boy, were we blown away.
The level of difficulty gets harder with each case you play, the first case being more like a tutorial. The cases get longer, too. By the time you get to the final case, everything is pieced together and it feels like a huge finale and it feels like a party.
I loved thinking outside the box and I certainly fell in love with the characters and the relationships they had with one another.
2. Pokemon X/Y
I have loved Pokemon since it first came out. I was too young to play the original games, though I do have copies of them. All but Red, at least.
I was amazed when X and Y came out. I loved the new Pokemon, the graphics were amazing, and the new features of the game were so much fun. I absolutely love the Pokemon Amie and wish all the games had that. I hope they keep that feature in for future games.
I beat this game in two days. I got it for Christmas and then played non-stop. Yet, I’m still working on filling up that National Pokedex. There’s over 700 Pokemon now… It’s going to take a while.
1. Paper Mario
Paper Mario has always and will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know what it is about the game, but I absolutely love it.
It originally came out for the Nintendo 64 and I loved watching my sister play it. Back then I enjoyed watching her play rather than playing the games myself. When we got our Nintendo Wii, we downloaded it from the virtual console. I’ve played and beaten it too many times to count since then.
It’s a simple game, and just like most other Mario games, you have to save Princess Peach from Bowser. The game can certainly be sappy at times, but there’s a lot of humor as well; especially during the Bowser scenes. I honestly think Bowser is one of my favorite characters in that game.
What are your favorite video games?

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