Top Tuesday: Favorite Kalos Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
We’ve come to the end of a six-month Pokemon journey going through all the games. This month is about Kalos before we discuss Sun and Moon in December.
Here are my top five favorite Kalos Pokemon.
Top Tuesday: Favorite Kalos Pokemon
5. Pancham/Pangoro
I cheated on this one because I couldn’t decide which evolution. Pancham is adorable, what else can I say? Pangoro looks like he could pound anything that crosses his path.
4. Noivern
I didn’t train Noivern until after I had beaten the main game, but I absolutely loved it. Noivern is strong, has wonderful moves, and has an awesome design.
3. Florges
Majestic. Florges is the queen of Pokemon.
2. Talonflame
Talonflame has an amazing move set and great stats. He has a very cool design and he’s always a great choice in battle.
1. Delphox
But of course, I had to add my fire starter. I think Delphox is my favorite fire starter since Charmander. I love the psychic combination and just like Florges, Delphox is pretty majestic.
Who are your top five Kalos Pokemon?

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