Top Tuesday: Favorite Levels In Super Mario 64

Happy Tuesday!
With so much hype for Super Mario Odyssey, I’ve been thinking about Super Mario 64. The two games are similar, yet vastly different. I enjoy both games, but I do miss playing Super Mario 64.
Top Tuesday, Super Mario 64 Levels
5. Bob-omb Battlefield
I think this level is one of my favorites by default. It’s the first level of the game and can be considered the easiest, but I think it has a mixture of easy and hard. Flying with the wing cap can be difficult, yet getting the star behind Chain Chomp can take two seconds. Or an hour depending on how well you can get Mario to land that ground-pound.
4. Whomp’s Fortress
This is another level that’s well designed. I especially love this one though merely for the fact that it hands out a lot of coins. I love collecting coins.
3. Tick Tock Clock
This is a very well crafted level. It can be tricky with so many high places to jump up to, but I think it’s awesome that they have the cogs work at a certain speed depending on what time you jump into the clock to enter the level.
2. Lethal Lava Land
Um, there’s fire and a volcano. So it’s cool.
1. Big Boo’s Haunt
I always love the Boo mansions in any of the Mario games. They’re tricky with twists and turns and I just find the levels to overall be well designed because they’re supposed to be spooky and hard. While this particular level in Super Mario 64 isn’t that difficult, I still enjoy the design and the music.

What are some of your favorite levels? Let me know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Tick Tock Clock is my favorite! It always surprises me that Nintendo has not revisited that theme in the Mario platformers that followed.

  2. Mario 64 is a classic. My personal favourite was Dire Dire Docks with the soothing music and the underwater exploration. I also enjoyed Tiny, Huge Island and how it changes when you go through different pipes and coming out of them to find that the level has shrunk or became gigantic.

    • I absolutely love the music for the underwater levels, but not so much the swimming, lol. Tiny, Huge Island is one of those clever levels that they should revisit sometime.

  3. So many memories! I loved Shifting Sand Land. That pyramid was so cool to younger me, haha.

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