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There are certain games I enjoy and they all usually have something in common. One genre I really enjoy is the RPG genre.
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Octopath Traveler

I mean, how many times can I talk about this game? I love it though. Even though the story can be a bit bland or repetitive at times, this is a top-notch RPG game with cool, fun gameplay mechanics and awesome characters. This is the kind of game that you can take your time with and is a decent length regardless of whether you speed through it or not. It’s an all-around great game.


If you’ve never played an RPG before or you enjoy light-hearted games, then Miitopia is the one for you. This is a silly game with lots of funny dialogue, simple yet fun gameplay, and plenty of things to do. While I’ve beaten the main storyline, I enjoy going back to this one once in a while for the extras and to spend some more time with my characters.

Dungeons & Dragons

While this isn’t technically a video game, Dungeons & Dragons is a great RPG. Not only are you involved in an engaging story, but you’re the character and you can be whoever you want and change the story as you go along. In addition, you play with real-life friends which is a plus and great for a lot of laughs.

Paper Mario

It’s Mario. It’s a RPG. They are a lot of fun, cool characters. It’s the same Mario-esque storyline, but with a great twist. I enjoy the Paper Mario games and will replay them again and again.

What are some of your favorite RPG games? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I’ll admit that none of these would make my favorite RPGs. Off the top of my head I can of a few.
    The Elder Scrolls series – is incredible and offers a vast amount of freedom. I’ve completed every game multiple times and Skyrim is currently my favorite game ever.
    Dragon Age Origins – If you like old school CRPGs you’ll love this game. It has a fantastic story, lore, and characters. This was Bioware at their peak.
    The Witcher series – There are 3 fantastic games in this series. The first game was actually using Jade Empire’s engine which is why it’s so clunky to play, but I really enjoyed it regardless.
    Divinity: Original Sin 2 – This is one of the best games ever made and it’s really, really long. My first playthrough took me about 120 hours. It’s another CRPG but gives the player almost unlimited freedom in and out of battle.
    And that’s it for now :).
    Paper Mario was decent, but I’ve never been a big fan of those games. Octopath Traveler was… good, but the story was weak and I only liked one or two of the characters. I love Dungeons & Dragons though. There are quite a few games that take place in its world. Neverwinter, Baldur’s Gate, the upcoming Baldr’s Gate 3, Sword Coast Legends, Neverwinter Nights, and those old Dark Alliance games come to mind.

  2. I would add all Drakulas said. As well as The Balder Gate series and Pathfinder Kingmaker. Especially if you enjoy D & D. Also for great Sci Fi RPG the Mass Effect Series.

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