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I’ve got Animal Crossing on the brain lately since I played Happy Home Designer. I started playing New Leaf again and it’s been a while. I’ve rediscovered so many things I love about that game.
Favorite Things To Do In Animal Crossing | Nintendo |
Going to the tropical island is one of my favorite things to do. Most people may skip the boat scene, but I always listen to it. I love reading what Kapp’n has to say mostly because it’s usually funny. I also just love the way his voice sounds. The character speak has always amused me, but Kapp’n voice is my favorite, hands down.
The Island
I can’t explain how many times I’ve gone to the island and spent hours there at one time just searching for and catching sharks. They sell so well and you pay off your debt, no matter how big, in about a day. The music is fun and it’s just relaxing and casual.
Writing Letters
I’ve heard people say they hate writing letters in Animal Crossing. It’s annoying and people will write down something random and send it because the characters aren’t actually reading it. However, I write actual letters and I love sending them. Is it annoying? Yes. But I do it because I love to get mail and the only mail I get in real life are bills.
Collecting Things
This should come as no surprise. I love to collect things no matter what it is. In Animal Crossing you’re trying to get all the bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils. Then there are the many kinds of furniture you can get along with the clothes. Even the villagers are collectibles. Though I don’t like “forcing” the villagers to move away… because then I feel bad.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Animal Crossing? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. “The only mail I get in real life are bills.” Too real. I can’t remember the last time my mail box had something in it I was actually excited to receive.
    My first Animal Crossing experience was playing New Leaf to help my now-wife-then-girlfriend maintain her town. At the time we shared my 3DS between us so when we went home on break from college, she needed me to make sure her village didn’t fall apart. She gave me detailed instructions on all the stuff I needed to do each day. There ended up being a special event during the time I was playing so I was hunting all over the place for these weird feathers to get furniture from a peacock. It was kind of fun, and I love the quirky sense of humor they put into it (Kapp’n, as you said, is hilarious). I haven’t ever really gone back and played it since then, though.

    1. It’s kind of sad if you think about it, lol.
      Aw, that’s a sweet story! There are some things in Animal Crossing I didn’t usually participate in, but now I’m so into collecting everything that I try my best to get it all in. It’s hard with the real-time time though.

      1. That was definitely the biggest hurdle for me. Any game that uses real time to determine the game time or stuff like that is tricky because I tend to play video games at the same time every day, so the chances of me ever getting the collectibles or whatever that come with playing at a different time of day are pretty low!

        1. Right, I typically play games at the end of the day. With Animal Crossing, all the villagers were already sleeping and the shops were closed. I was pleased in New Leaf they added the ordinances so you can have the village be a “night owl.”

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