Top Tuesday: Mario Games

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For this Top Tuesday’s post, I’ll be talking about my favorite Mario games.
Mario is probably one of the most beloved game franchises of all time and I, like most of you, have grown up playing Mario games.

Top Tuesday Mario Video Games Double Jump

5. Super Mario RPG

I have to admit that I’ve never actually played this game myself. Suffering from Second Player Syndrome, I always watched Kris play it. Though I do love the game.

The old school graphics, the fun and upbeat music, new unique characters, and interesting villains is why this game is one of the best.

4. New Super Mario Bros.

I used to always play the old school Super Mario Bros. games with my sisters when we were younger. The original games are obviously awesome, but I love the remakes just as much.

The controls can be slippery sometimes as the characters tend to slide around a lot, but I think that makes it much more fun. I don’t know about you guys, but we can never keep our footing making the game that much more difficult. Plus, you can pick up your teammates and throw them off the edge just to piss them off.

3. Mario Kart Wii

Who doesn’t love a great kart racing game? Mario Kart has been around for a long, long time and I have to say that Mario Kart Wii is one of the best.

The controls are fun and the courses are pretty and unique. I always seem to do better at the harder courses than the easier ones, my favorites being Rainbow Road and Wario’s Gold Mine. This is a great game for me to play with my friends because I win most of the time and… Well, who doesn’t love winning?

When it comes to any Mario Kart game, it’s not about fun. It’s about winning.

2. Super Mario 64

I have a love-hate relationship with this game. But I must love it more than I hate it because it made number two on this list.

The different level possibilities is probably my favorite part of this game. The old school graphics are refreshing to see and the story line is easy and simple. Mario is a pain to control sometimes and he doesn’t always cooperate, but that makes the game that much more fun and challenging at the same time.

Either that, or I just really can’t play the game.

1. Paper Mario

If you’ve read my Top Tuesday post about my overall favorite video games, then I’m sure you could have guessed that this would be my top Mario game.

From the first time I played this game, I fell in love. The characters are witty and funny, the music is catchy, and the graphics are great–you know, for it to be “paper” and originally on the Nintendo 64.

The story is just like any other Mario game where Peach is kidnapped. But I love how we can play as Peach, even if she doesn’t do much, and Twink was a fun addition to the cast. The different worlds are unique and fun to play as well as trying to figure out how to get to each world.

Paper Mario definitely takes the cake!

What’s your favorite Mario game?

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  1. Paper Mario sounds like the perfect game for a writer.

  2. I used to play Mario still Now

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