Top Tuesday: Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

Happy Tuesday!
I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before way back when the Nintendo Switch came out (it’s already been seven months… wow!), but I wanted to talk about some games that I hope will come to the console in the near future.
Top Tuesday: Most Wanted Games for the Nintendo Switch
4. Luigi’s Mansion
I would love to have a third Luigi’s Mansion game, but at this point, I wouldn’t even care if they remade the first one and maybe added a little to it. I love the Gamecube and, at the time, the graphics were awesome, but I would love to see Luigi on the TV with Switch graphics!
3. Animal Crossing
New Leaf came out for the 3DS in 2012. That’s a long time ago! Sure, they’ve come out with Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival since then, but… I want a new game. And now that I have the New 2DS XL, I wouldn’t care if they put it on there. Still, I would love to see it on the Switch, on my TV.
2. Pokemon
Give me something. Anything. I prefer a main game, but I’ll take any sort of Pokemon. And yes, I know there’s Pokken Tournament DX, but like I said I want a main game. And, I think that’s what they’re working on, but it’d be nice to have some updates on it.
1. Super Smash Brothers
I can’t believe that they haven’t officially announced this yet. I say officially because we all believe that’s what Reggie said in his blurred-beeped-out speech during the Nintendo World Championship. I’m down for a brand new Smash game or a deluxe version. Like all the other games, I just want to see it on the Switch.

What games are you hoping for? Let me know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. They would all make great additions to the library

  2. I’ve not played either of the Luigi’s mansion games but I am certainly on board for a new Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Smash. With a new Metroid and Kirby already in the works, the future looks really bright for Switch games. Add in Pikmin, a true new Mario Kart, some Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, and a new Paper Mario and oh the joy this box has the potential to hold.

    • Luigi’s Mansion is so good! Yes, I think the Switch is going to be great.
      PAPER MARIO! How could I have forgotten Paper Mario?! Yes, I want another one of that too, lol. And I want it like the original first two games. And Mario Party… I know they have the Top 100 coming out, but I want another Mario Party just like Mario Party 2.

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