Top Tuesday: Sinnoh Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpIt’s Tuesday again and I haven’t done a Top Tuesday all month… Wow!
Anyway, to keep up the pace with the other months, here’s another Pokemon-related Top Tuesday.
Top Tuesday: Sinnoh Pokemon
5. Garchomp
I don’t normally train dragon Pokemon, but Garchomp and his two previous evolutions are wonderful. I also love the names. They have the best names. 
4. Glaceon
Like dragon types, I don’t normally raise ice types. But I absolutely love Glaceon’s design and I’d be nuts if I didn’t put an Eevee-lution on this list somewhere.
3. Roserade
I always looked at Roserade to be pretty majestic. She’s cute, she looks pretty, and I’m sure she smells pretty too. Yet, she definitely packs a wallop.
2. Luxray
Luxray is a beast!
1. Infernape
I’m sure you guys all think I cheat because I’m pretty sure I’ve had the fire starter as my number one for all of these lists… But hey. They’re my favorite for a reason.
What are your favorite Pokemon from Sinnoh?

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  1. I know Garchomp is pretty loved, but I never liked him that much to be honest. I agree with the other 4 picks, though, they are great Pokémon!
    My favorite is probably Empoleon. I am also a fire-starter kind of person, but Empoleon is awesome!

  2. Really good choices! I thought the 4th generation brought about some great new additions. I especially liked seeing new evolutions for a lot of older 1st gen Pokemon. Here are my top five Sinnoh Pokemon!
    5. Magnezone – Love this evolution for some reason. Like I said, I enjoy the new evolutions of older Pokemon
    4. Gallade – Really cool Pokemon and psychic/fighting typing! I’m so glad it got a Mega in 6th gen!
    3. Garchomp – Such an OP Pokemon, and yet I like it a lot. It is indeed fun to train and really menacing-looking!
    2. Rhyperior – First Pokemon I ever trained competitively! For this reason, I really like Rhyhorn’s evolution series now. Also, again, evolution of 1st gen Pokemon, haha.
    1. Lucario – Of course, I love Lucario. It’s popular for a reason, haha. I’m glad it’s in Brawl and featured so prominently as THE Mega in X/Y. It has a really interesting anime movie as well!

    • I love your choices as well!
      When I first found out they were adding a bunch of evolutions for old Pokemon, I was a bit disappointed. Only because I wanted “new” Pokemon, even though they are new. But they did a great job.

      • I agree about just wanting “new” Pokemon, and that was a big reason why I really enjoyed the 5th generation. There were over 150 new creatures with no old ones in sight. I wonder if they’ll return to that style in the future. It looks like Sun and Moon is adopting the X/Y method of incorporating old Pokemon with some having new forms (except Alola instead of Mega). It’ll be interesting to see if there are new evolutions of old Pokemon, besides Alolan forms as well!

        • I’m a bit skeptical about the Alola forms, though. They make sense but I don’t know how I feel about them just yet. The only way for me to agree or disagree with them is to just play the games, but… I don’t know. It’s a strange concept to me.

          • While I think they’re interesting I’m worried that it might change our opinions of some of the classic Pokemon, in a bad way. I get how you feel. The first generations feels so sacred and suddenly, the Pokemon are getting long necks and ice forms?

          • Right? It’s so bizarre. But like I said, we’ll just have to wait and see how it actually is.

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