Top Tuesday: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Characters I'm Looking Forward To

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is so close and yet so far. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the new characters they’ve introduced.
With that said, this list will be only new characters to the game. There are some oldies I’m looking forward to playing as again, but I’ll only be talking about brand new characters to the game.
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5. Zelda
Right off the bat, I’m cheating on my own list. But at least she’s at number five. Zelda has pretty much always been part of the roster, but this is a different Zelda. I assume some of her moves are a little different from the last few Smash games so I’m definitely looking forward to try out this version of Zelda.
4. King K. Rool
I’m not one for the “heavy” characters too much. I did play as Charizard a lot in the previous game, but I’ve always liked the medium or speedy characters. King K. Rool is a great addition to the roster though and I imagine his moves are going to be awesome and powerful.
3. Piranha Plant
By far this is the oddest addition, but I love it. Piranha Plant came out of left field and he’s a bad guy in so many Mario games that I can totally see him having plenty of moves to be in a Smash game. I can’t wait to try him out.
2. Isabelle
I’ll admit, I never cared too much for Villager as a character. He had some interesting moves and was fun to play as, but he wasn’t a go-to of mine. Isabelle is iconic in the Animal Crossing world – well, in video games in general – and I can’t wait to test her out and check out her fighting moves.
1. Incineroar
He’s my main in Pokemon and I can’t wait to main him in Smash. He’s an awesome character and his introduction to the game was great. I’m looking forward to using his fire moves and beating the crap out of everyone else.

Which characters are you looking forward to trying for the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Nice list! I too am excited to play as Zelda, haha.
    In all seriousness, I think for me I’m looking forward to Dark Samus, with Pirahna Plant in second. But since I never owned Smash Wii U, there are actually characters from that game that I’m more excited for even though they technically aren’t “new.” I’ve gotta try out Cloud!

    • Honestly, I had the game for the Wii U but I didn’t play it as often as I normally would. I got good at a couple characters and that was it. So, yeah, I totally know what you mean about trying characters who aren’t technically “new.”

  2. Can’t wait for Professor Layton….wait, they didn’t put him in! I am not too excited by any of the new characters so have been playing mainly as Link (also have not unlocked them yet!). I did not pay for any character other than Ryu in for DS/Wii U so quite looking forward to playing as Bayonetta. Of the newcomers, probably most looking forward to Inkling. Got to say that I am really loving Ultimate so far, especially the idea of spirits, it is literally trophies with a purpose!

    • Man, I wish Layton was in this! He’d be awesome, especially since we know he can fight from Layton Vs. Phoenix.
      Overall, I’m having a great time as well. The game is great and while I was weary about the spirits (I didn’t fully understand the concept when they announced it) but it’s a lot of fun!

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