Top Tuesday: Unova Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
Today is another Top Tuesday. And, of course, since it’s the end of the month, it’s another Pokemon list.
Top Tuesday: Favorite Unova Pokemon
5. Watchog
Watchog isn’t the kind of Pokemon I would typically go for. Though I do think he has a cool design and he is pretty strong when you train him right. He definitely is an interesting addition to the Pokemon roster.
4. Beartic
I like having another bear Pokemon. I always liked the bear Pokemon and having a polar bear as an ice type was just perfect.
3. Emolga
A flying squirrel, what more could you ask for? And it’s electric. Adorable.
2. Audino
Audino is a tank. He’s super strong, has a cool move set, and is pretty cute. I also love encountering a wild one to get those extra experience points.
1. Emboar

Tepig is my go-to for the starter. When he evolves into Emboar, he’s a beast, especially with that Flame Charge. Plus, his design is amazing.

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  1. Very interesting choices! I really enjoyed 5th gen because everyone was fresh. Although there are many parallels with Gen 1’s Pokemon, I appreciated that the region only had those 150 new Pokemon. Here are my top 5, though it’s hard to choose:
    5. Conkeldurr – ok, this Pokemon is admittedly ugly, but he’s one of the strongest Pokemon in this gen, and I love using it!
    4. Chandelure – it’s a chandelier!
    3. Volcarona – not only do I like the Mothra-like design, but it was one of my strongest Pokemon!
    2. Hydreigon – cool three-headed hydra dragon, how could I not like this?
    1. Bisharp – it looks like a Mega Man boss, and I love it!

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