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After quite a while of playing, Kris and I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. We’ve been playing it for a few weeks now and finally sat down to play through the rest of the game every day at the end of last week. We got into a discussion of the music at some point, of course.
So, here are my top five favorite Zelda soundtracks.
5. Majora’s Mask
Majora’s Mask is one of the most beloved Zelda games ever made. It’s similar to Ocarina of Time, which everyone loved, it’s practically a sequel and while the themes are dark, it tells a wonderful tale. Link goes through something that we all go through. To create different tracks for each species Link becomes as well as the dark messages that are sent is definitely a tricky one. The music fits the dark mood wonderfully.
4. Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time was the number one spot on my list for a while. Listening to The Lost Woods and Gerudo Valley (still my top two favorite songs) always put a smile on my face and I always hummed the tunes whenever and where ever. Of course, new game come out and new songs are created. But Ocarina of Time always has that nostalgia piece for me whenever I hear its songs.
3. Skyward Sword
When Skyward Sword came out, I know it was a hit or miss for a lot of people. Despite it being the 25th anniversary game, I know some people didn’t like the motion controls and some people thought the game was too easy to be a Zelda game. To be honest, Skyward Sword instantly became my favorite Zelda game because it was on the easier side. With it supposedly being the first game chronologically, I thought, why shouldn’t it be a bit easier? Especially since Hyrule wasn’t created yet.
But, I’m rambling now. The music in this game always gave me feels because it was brand new. The world of Zelda was new and exciting and waiting to be discovered. The feeling of soaring through the air on your Loftwing and then of course having Fi around–her theme song is the best–the music just makes you feel at home.
2. Wind Waker
The music to this game is so catchy and upbeat and fits in perfectly with the cartoon-look of the game. The whole atmosphere is bright and light-hearted (despite the content) and the music just flows right along with it. I especially love sailing across the water. The music makes you feel like there’s an entire world out there that needs exploring.
1. Twilight Princess
No, this isn’t my number one simply because I just played the game recently. This has always been my favorite soundtrack. The music everywhere you go in the game is simply wonderful. I found myself and Kris pausing our conversation just to listen to the music. Midna’s and Ilia’s themes are my favorite.
What are your favorite Zelda soundtracks?

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  1. This is a very hard choice to make! I like your list and agree with it though! Those are excellent choices.
    Here’s my top 5 (which will probably change tomorrow, haha)
    5. A Link to the Past – Classic 16-bit soundtrack. I would put A Link Between Worlds above it, but technically this game did most of that game’s music first.
    4. Ocarina of Time – Classic tunes, especially the Ocarina music.
    3. Majora’s Mask – Music is similar to Ocarina of Time, but Song of Healing, Clock Town, and Termina Field alone bump it up for me!
    2. Twilight Princess – I basically agree with your thoughts. It’s an epic sounding game!
    1. The Wind Waker – Beautiful soundtrack.

    1. See, I didn’t play much of the older games so I felt like I shouldn’t put them on the list (even though I know all the soundtracks are wonderful). But the Ocarina is just timeless. I have my own Ocarina actually. It’s not like Link’s, it’s small and brown and has a dolphin carved in it, lol.

  2. Cool post! Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was the first Zelda game I played, so I always have a soft spot in my heart for anything related to it (I think I’m probably the only one haha). But music has historically been important in the Zelda games – Link’s flute, the ocarina, conducting in Wind Waker… the power of music has always been very obvious in the games.
    Regarding my preferences, I love Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time, and Midna’s Theme in Twilight Princess. Probably my top three games (if I had to choose and was ignoring nostalgia!) would be Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess.

    1. I haven’t played the older games! I plan to at some point, but I was too young when they came out, lol.
      Gerudo Valley is one of my all-time favorites! That and Lost Woods and Midna’s Theme. So I totally agree with you. ­čÖé

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