Twilight Princess Playthrough

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
For the past couple of weeks, Kris and I have been playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Well… Kris is playing it. I’m watching. And laughing.

Twilight Princess is a great game. Since we’re playing the HD version for the Wii U, it’s gorgeous.
We expected to do a review of the game last month, but the game has taken us longer to get through than expected. You know, between work schedules and other things, we haven’t been able to play the game as much. Then I went on vacation for a week.
We picked up where we left off when I got home.
Kris made it to the water temple, but only after about an hour or so after Kris died multiple times trying to escort Telma and Ilia to Kakariko Village.
I’ve never played through a Zelda game on my own, I’ve always watched Kris. I’ve tried a few times and never completed the games. Though I do plan to. Someday. At some point.
Then again, part of the reason I enjoy watching Kris play is because it’s funny, especially when she gets stuck.
Wrong or right, I’m her little sister. I’m supposed to laugh when she messes up. Especially in a video game.
There are plenty of parts of video games that we get stuck on and find it hilarious when it’s tough to get there. Are there any memorable scenes like that for you in certain video games?

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  1. I watched my wife play through the Ace Attorney series and found it funny when she finally presented the right evidence or figured something out. There are so many big twists and witness contradictions in the series, and it’s always exciting when the light bulb hits. I get excited too, in a “Can you believe it?!” kind of way, whenever I watch her play that or any other adventure game.
    By the way, that escort mission is hard! I can understand why she would lose so many times at that part, so no shame there, haha.

    • Right, Kris and I played through the AA series together and there would be so many times we would get stuck and then laugh at how dumb we are when we finally got the right answer. Or we would get the right answer out of shear luck and still wouldn’t get it, lol.
      It is a tough part, I agree. But it’s so funny when you’re not the one playing.

      • That escort mission provoked a few swear words out of me. What GamingBear says about the burning bridge… that also got a bit sweary.
        I wasn’t too keen on Stallord either – a wee bit frustrating!
        That said, Twilight Princess has considerably fewer aggravating moments than Skyward Sword!

        • There are a lot of difficult parts in Twilight Princess, lol. Though I think Skyward Sword is one of the easier games.

          • I found TP easier, though different strokes and all… SS felt unresponsive and clunky at times. The endless ‘hero passes test just to face another arbitrary test’ felt like needlessly frustrating padding to me.

          • Ah, that makes sense. The motion controls could be difficult at times too.

  2. The first time I played Twilight Princess on the Wii I got stuck at the bit where you have to jump off the burning bridge into Lake Hylia… I just did not think of jumping off to avoid the flames thinking there must be some clever way to avoid them using a crate or something… What a fool

    • I know what you mean. It’s a Zelda game, so you would assume there’s some tricky way to get out. That’s totally understandable. 🙂

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