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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
Kris and I are pretty active at our church and this past weekend we had our annual Holly Fair.
We always run the raffle table with our grandmother.
We dropped a few baskets off at our church a couple days before the fair and noticed that there wasn’t a big selection. So, when we went Christmas shopping with our other sister, we stopped at Gamestop.
If we recall, there has never been a video game basket at our church before. It was something different and Kris seemed to be in the mood for spending money. Yet, she had no idea what to get people for Christmas, so why not buy things for a raffle basket?
While Kris paid for everything, I suggested items for her to buy for the basket–and for myself (though she didn’t fall for that one).
She ended up buying a Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo, Charmander socks, a deck of Mario Uno cards, a Yoshi doll, a small Pikachu keychain, a Hidden Block with a surprised figurine in it, and a Gamestop gift card.
It was a nice basket and I really, really wanted it. If nothing else, just for the socks.
Except, the Gamestop worker rang in the Hidden Block, but forgot to put it in the bag… We didn’t notice it wasn’t there until we had gotten home. It was cheap, so there was no point in going back to the store.
I put 13 raffle tickets in the basket. 12 were mine, 1 I had found on the ground that no one had filled out.
Yes, I basically just stole a ticket from someone who had bought it themselves, but you know what? When it comes to raffles, it’s every person for themselves.
I didn’t win. Some lady I don’t even know won. She wasn’t there when we pulled the tickets, so if she doesn’t claim it in a week or so, I’m taking it.
I still have a chance!
But probably not.
I also put 12 tickets in a basket that had seven different kinds of bags of chips. I didn’t win that, either.
I never win at raffles.
Have you ever splurged at a gaming store, whether the items were for you or not?

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