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Double Jump Kris MiiSo, there’s this thing called a Vive…
Developed by the company HTC and Valve, the Vive is a virtual reality video game console, allowing you to play games completely immersed. Have you gotten the chance to try out virtual reality yet?
Virtual reality is more of a reality nowadays than it ever has been before. Rachel and I were recently introduced to a nifty contraption called the Vive while we watching a couple of our favorite gaming YouTubers. On PBGGameplay, PBG and Jeff showed off the Vive with a few games, one involving zombies and the other being Job Simulator, while PBG himself did a general video on it on his main channel.
From what we could see, the Vive seemed amazing. The guys were completely immersed in the games (even stumbling and falling when they forgot the counter or wall that they were trying to hold onto wasn’t really there), and there didn’t seem to be many flaws in the controls. Although Rachel and I weren’t too sure about the zombie game, considering neither of us are thrilled with that genre, we were definitely impressed with the Vive.
Seeing the videos got Rachel and me discussing what kind of games we would love to see on virtual reality. One of our top picks was Pokemon, of course. Imagine traveling and battling with your Pokemon and, if there are multiplayer or online options, being able to journey with your friends. Open world fantasy games would also be amazing, or a game where you are your own superhero (did anyone else play City of Heroes by NCSOFT when it was around?).
What if there was a game where you were the villain…?
At $800 bucks from the developers (and a couple of more hundred dollars from Amazon!), we’re not going to be getting one anytime soon, but a Vive will be hanging out at the bottom of our wish lists for some time.
What about you? What are your thoughts on virtual reality? Any certain game worlds you’d love to be thrown in the middle of?

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  1. I love the idea of virtual reality Pokemon! I’ve always wanted a real Pokemon world when I was little, so that would be fun. Pokemon GO doesn’t look like it will be what I’m looking for, so perhaps a VR game would satiate my appetite!
    I also think Zelda would lend itself well to VR. Imagine playing Breath of the Wild with VR exploration! I don’t know how much I would enjoy playing it for long periods of time, but it would certainly be the kind of novel experience that Nintendo likes to achieve with Zelda games. Perhaps the NX may be the one to deliver Zelda VR….

    • I think 99% of Pokemon fans would love a virtual reality Pokemon world, haha! It has all the makings of a great VR title, with the vast worlds and imaginative creatures.
      Zelda as a VR would be utterly amazing, especially with the open-world concept we’ve seen in Breath of the Wild! You never know with the NX, considering not too much information is being said about it…

      • There was a game on Wii Fit that was sort of like virtual Mario where you jogged through an obstacle course with the Balance Board. I could see them really trying to make you work out with a Zelda game, having to climb and run constantly, haha.
        I’d be interested in NX having VR, but I don’t want it to drive up costs unnecessarily like the Wii U’s GamePad sort of did. We’ll see though…

        • We’d just have to be careful not to trip over any cords or the like if they’re part of the system. Unless there was a stationary pad that had a treadmill-like walking material (I’m so good at describing things, aren’t I?) that helped you stay in place and not run into walls.
          Yeah, money can be evil… Better start saving, I guess!

          • Or Nintendo can just get started on making a real life Mario obstacle course, haha. I’d love one of those at the Universal Studios Nintendo park!

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