Virtually Endless Possibilities

Double Jump Kris MiiSee what I did in the title there? I’m very punny.
Virtual reality video games are rising on the market, and imagining what beloved franchises can do with the technology is amazing. What kind of games do you hope for on the virtual reality market?
The other day I found a video showing off Minecraft on Samsung’s Gear VR. The video itself wasn’t anything too special — it was a video showing exactly what we would see on a computer monitor or television screen, and watching it from a monitor didn’t really help — but it did get me wondering as to what kind of games I would like to play in virtual reality.
Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda were automatic additions to this “VR Wishlist” I was writing in my head. Exploring the vast worlds in those franchises would be heaven, with Pokemon having the cities and wildernesses to trudge through, finding and battling Pokemon in exciting fights. Seeing the gorgeous landscapes of Hyrule across your vision before taking sword in hand to defend it is every Zelda fan’s dream!
Other franchises I was thinking of included superhero-centric ones, such as Batman. As I learned today, Batman: Arkham VR is actually a thing. As a kid, growing up to be Batman was one of my dreams, and being a detective in gritty Gotham sounds exciting with the help of VR!
…Until, of course, we see Killer Croc come charging at us from a dark alley or something.
Not too keen on the idea of traversing through the Legend of Zelda’s Water Temple with VR either… Or encountering a giant Dragon-type Pokemon in a dark cave…
Huh. Well, I suppose the point of virtual reality is immersion, right?

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  1. That Batman example makes me think about how much I could handle playing a VR game like that. When I think of the Resident Evil 7 VR, all I can think about is how I could never play it without freaking out. The examples you have for less desirable moments within Zelda and Pokemon also make me realize that VR could change those series completely. If Nintendo ever goes the VR route, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the immersion factor.

    1. In the real world, I’m a bit of a hydrophobic anyway, so to be immersed in a water temple in a Legend of Zelda game? Not my favorite thought, haha! However, I would still love a game where you could be fully immersed, you know? There are some VR machines that are all about putting your smart phone in a slot and having it right in front of your eyes like an IMAX theater screen, which sounds cool, but aside from the “don’t sit too close to the TV or you’ll hurt your eyes” lesson that was ingrained in me from childhood, it doesn’t sound as immersed as I would like them to be.
      Obviously, VR is still fairly new. It’ll be exciting to watch it develop!

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