VR Pitfalls

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, folks!
Talking again about virtual reality, this post is mainly about my reservations about this section of the video game market. Virtual reality is amazing, but there is definitely room for improvement…
Google has joined the smart phone race with their new Pixel phone. I think it looks pretty good, and I’m not ruling it out the next time I need to upgrade my phone, but I also realized that Google has a VR headset — called Daydream — to go with the Pixel.
It made me realize that there’s quite a few VR sets out there on the market. The Vive, the Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google’s Daydream… As a kid, virtual reality was a distant dream. Now, we suddenly have all these options, all these companies vying for a piece of the action.
Virtual Reality headsets are, more or less, special goggles that go right in front of your eyes. As a kid, Mom and Dad constantly told me not to sit so close to the television lest my eyes get ruined (and now I wear glasses for distance — coincidence?). The VR headsets just toss that piece of advice out the window.
With that said, do these VR headsets have a time limit? Being immersed in a video game such as that for so long isn’t healthy at all. If the headsets have, say, an hour time limit, that may be good. Perhaps that’s why the Batman: Arkham VR is only about an hour long.
The wires and set up can be dangerous as well. Virtual Reality games tend not to have the player move much, avoiding the danger of tripping over wires and speakers, but the immersion aspect is ruined. Maybe one day there will be a VR set that has a treadmill-like mat, one that allows the player to walk around in place.
Overall, I would still love to try out virtual reality games, but I’m also eager to see how this particular corner of the video game market will improve over time.

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